Fill Your Woolly Pockets with Plants


Owners and founders of the Woolly Pocket planting system, Miguel and Rodney  Nelson  cheerfully admit to having no knowledge of plants before inventing their innovative products.  “I am an artist and my brother is a […]

Save our Soils


“A garden is only as good as its soil.” Clay soil will evoke frustration into the most enthusiastic of gardeners however, with a lot of love, care and commitment, it can actually be extremely productive.  […]

How ‘Mushroom’ Do You Need?


Seed suppliers Thompson & Morgan are confident that sales of vegetable seeds and seed potatoes will   increase even more this year as the trend for growing your own continues.  They also advise there is […]

Snout and About in the Garden


Animal-lover and pig breeder, Jane Croft describes pigs as ‘Nature’s rotorvators’.  “They are incredible at clearing overgrown ground,” she enthuses,  “I first kept pigs years and years ago and bred them initially for the meat […]

Keep Fit and Have Fun in the Fresh Air


GMTV Fitness Instructor, Deanne Berry attributes much of her healthy lifestyle to growing up in Sydney, Australia. “ Being an Ozzie, I just love being outdoors,” she enthuses, “Dad loves growing his own herbs and […]

Getting a ‘Wiggle On’ in the Garden


Entrepreneur Heather Gorringe founded Wiggly Wigglers, the Really Rural Store, as a result of her father heaping manure outside her kitchen window. An unusual motivation maybe but she explains, “Years ago I used to help […]

Buzz Off – wasp free zone!


The recent high winds have already brought down a lot of apples and plums in the garden and wasps are proving a real nuisance.  They change their feeding habits in the autumn preferring sweet things […]

Kate Humble Goes Gardening


Nature loving writer and TV presenter Kate Humble, has fond memories of being brought up in the countryside.  “We lived next door to a farm and had a really chaotic garden,” she recalls.  “You couldn’t […]

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