How ‘Mushroom’ Do You Need?

6a01156fa075f4970c0120a7e8225d970bSeed suppliers Thompson & Morgan are confident that sales of vegetable seeds and seed potatoes will   increase even more this year as the trend for growing your own continues.  They also advise there is a new ‘kid on the block’, or a new challenge for greenfingers.

Sales of mushrooms growing kits have been on the rise as the cold weather sees gardeners ordering from seed catalogues and online in preparation for Spring.  For three weeks T&M’s Gourmet Mushroom Growing Collection has been the best selling product on-line and with these home growing kits providing mushrooms for up to five years they are proving excellent value for money too.

Thompson & Morgan’s new product development manager, Michael Perry said it was exciting to see people trying new things in the garden: “We have one of the most diverse mushroom ranges available. It’s not something you need to have an allotment or vegetable plot for – you don’t even need a patio. But the fact that it’s something you have to put some effort into makes it rewarding as well as challenging.”

Choose from specially impregnated dowels that are pushed into a freshly cut log, an Oyster mushroom straw growing kit or traditional spawn for classic White Cap Button mushrooms.  Cropping begins within four to ten months and continues up to five times a year for up to five years. Spring is the ideal time to start growing mushrooms from dowels.

All available from www.thompson-morgan or call  01473 695341 for  a catalogue.

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