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I am campaigning to introduce legislation for silent fireworks in Wales to be mandatory for all public and private displays.

I have struggled with a dog that is terrified of fireworks for years but have not wanted to petition for a total firework ban, believing it not to be the answer.  However, now that silent fireworks are being manufactured, are freely available and have been proven to be equally as effective visually, it is time to insist on a change.

It is heartbreaking enough to try to pacify a terrified pet – not only over Bonfire Night which is now Bonfire Week, but also New Year’s Eve and random celebratory events like festivals and weddings – but I cannot begin to imagine the pain felt by some owners who have actually lost their pets due to the random and often unexpected explosions.

Tragically this year alone, I have also heard of a dog that was killed after running out in front of a car in a blind panic and a horse being killed by running straight through a wire fence – both as a result of firework explosions.

Accidents are called accidents because they are deemed to be unpreventable.  These tragedies are not accidents … they are preventable. Which is what this campaign is about.

I am not anti-firework or anti-fun but I am totally against unnecessary suffering for animals and wildlife. Silent fireworks allow the visual effects to be enjoyed without the detrimental effect of the noise.  They have been used in Parma, Italy with great results and even with increased attendance at public displays as owners who are normally at home taking care of distressed pets, can also go out and enjoy the silent but effective displays.

It’s not only pets and livestock that are at risk; on New Year’s Eve 2010 in Arkansas, over 5000 dead red-winged blackbirds fell from the sky.  Lab results revealed “acute physical trauma” in samples of the dead birds, which was put down to distress by local fireworks displays.  The birds flew into chimneys and trees as they tried frantically to escape.

Of course, humans will benefit from quiet fireworks too. The young and the elderly alike are often distressed by loud noises, especially children with autism and adults with PTSD.  Even people on shift work would benefit by not having their sleep disrupted.

There are no disadvantages to switching to silent fireworks with none of the visual effects, celebratory aspects or enjoyment being compromised.

Let’s start being a bit more aware, a bit more thoughtful and a lot more considerate.

Fireworks were originally invented in medieval China around the early 9th century with one of the cultural practices for them being to scare away evil spirits.  Ironically today, they signify ‘evil’ for many, but we now have a safe and equally enjoyable alternative – silent fireworks.

Please sign the petition and add your story to the website to get Wales to make it mandatory to use only silent fireworks for public and private displays.

It could save a life.

As part of my efforts to make silent fireworks mandatory in Wales, I would appreciate receiving your relevant adverse fireworks stories please.

I appreciate it may be stressful to revisit difficult times but I am confident it will emphasise the need for change. Please use the form below.

Thank you for your time and courage.

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From: Emma
I have a dog who shakes in fear, who tries to dig under solid cupboards, sofas and anywhere to try and escape the noise, which absolutely petrified her. No methods we have tried to help have worked. She has narrowly escaped dying whilst being run over as she ran in blind panic home one evening. She vomits and salivates constantly throughout each batch of firework displays. We watch and big and try to comfort, but to no avail.

I love how fireworks LOOK, but I do not enjoy the unnecessary noise.

Please, for all animals and children and people with anxiety, let’s have beautiful QUIET fireworks xx


From: Susan
As an owner of 2 dogs I live in dread of Halloween , Guy Fawkes and new year celebrations……..
Whilst I can take control of my dogs for timed displays I cannot take control of every Tom Dick and Harry setting off loud bangs from 1700 hrs until 0200 hrs over a long period……
Social responsibility has also changed and the selfishness of people knows no bounds…….the happenings in the goldcliff , corporation rd Newport and the Nash area of Newport was terrifying for the residents, livestock and domestic pets this year…..the police hold full details of the antisocial behaviour…….

Please consider this petition.


From: Sian
I live with a dog who is scared of all the bangs of fireworks. There just no need for it.


From: Christina
My dog is 10 years old and has been terrified of bonfire night for years. She cowers, shakes and wees herself from sheer terror. We’ve tried calming remedies, making a cwtch safe hiding spot. And lots more ideas. Its been managable until the last few years when people have decided to make Halloween/Bonfire night/ New years eve all one long celebration.


From: Clive
I do not want to be a killjoy and personally I love fireworks. However, for over 30 years now, I have had a succession of pets, including dogs, cats and birds of prey. Some have been terrified and have shaken violently at the slightest of sounds, following exposure to the noise of fireworks; others have tolerated it, but none of them are happy with the noise of fireworks.

Living in a rural area, I would hate to think how our wildlife react to the noises, given what I witness in our domestic creatures.

Then you have to factor in the idiot brigade who enjoy chucking fireworks around during the week’s running up to and after bonfire night. Plus Christmas and New Year!
Silent fireworks would be a tremendous leap forward towards a proper consideration and respect for all wildlife.


From: Rhian
I am fortunate to have both a retired gun dog and one with selective hearing (we don’t like to say deaf yet), so my two are never bothered by the noise of fireworks, but my friends and neighbours have a terrible ordeal trying to pacify their pooches who become absolutely terrified, not just scared.

In the days and sometimes weeks running up to bon fire night or at new year, they go through a terrible ordeal for something that we now have a fantastic alternative in the form of silent fireworks. I would wholeheartedly support Lynne in her campaign. We can all still enjoy the visual effects of fireworks without the potential risks and suffering of vulnerable animals.


From: Gail
This is long overdue. Year after year animals are needlessly suffering along with children and the elderly. It’s not about being a spoil sport it’s about considering others and finding a compromise.
Good luck Lynne x


From: Zana
Have heard too many distressing stories over the years of terrified wildlife and livestock.

I heard of no less than 3 cases this year of horses/ponies running constantly around their fields due to stress and worry and at least two of them being pts due to exhaustion.
This needs to stop!!!


From: Leanne
My mum’s cat went missing on bonfire night last year, we kept calling her but she was nowhere to be found . We guessed she had found a spot in hiding and was too scared to move.
That evening when the fireworks stopped she appeared, and for the following week she was very unwell – peeing everywhere and not herself. Took her to the vets and she had a water infection and had to go on antibiotics, costing my mum over £100.

Silent fireworks would really help my cat feel safe and be able to enjoy her days outside, as she was previously a stray cat.


From: Clare
Imagine feeling so absolutely terrified, you wet yourself. And you don’t even know you’re doing it!!
Imagine feeling so absolutely terrified you can’t even find comfort in the arms of your family.

Well this was the reality for my dogs on bonfire night. And the nights leading up to and after. Because apparently bonfire night isn’t just exclusive to one night anymore??
Apparently people see no issues with setting them off at gone 11pm either. Which is just fantastic when you’re trying to get a new born to sleep and you’re still cleaning up puddles of wee and trying your absolute hardest to settle pacing dogs.

The amount of run away dogs you see posted on social media over this period is awful! And all because they’ve been spooked by fireworks.


From: Jane
I have hearing dog for the deaf and every year for 2 weeks have fireworks she gets very frightened and it upsets me and does affect her confidence.


From: Angharad
Every year is a nightmare for us. we daren’t go out past 2/3pm in case fireworks are being set off. our dog bolts the minute he hears them and is so stressed he’s physically ill.


From: Kathy
Our dog is so scared of fireworks that nothing works. We have tried all the medications available, built dens in the home, turned tv and music up very loudly, given comfort food and treats. Our only solution is to put him in the car on November 5th and drive around for about 2 hours till the main town display is over.

Unfortunately we have no warning when random fireworks are let off indiscriminately at all times of the night – sometimes in the early hours, then we just have to wait while he suffers and runs round the house barking and shaking. My husband suffers from asthma and I have sarcoidosis and the pollutants from fireworks affect our health but that’s a seperate issue.


From: Clare
No story as such however I do have a 3 year old dog who becomes extremely stressed with the noise of fireworks. Also numerous friends who experience similar difficulties. Good luck with the petition.


From: Cath
I have no story! I don’t need one! I have 2 old English sheepdogs AND a child with autism who are ( very strangely), absolutely fine with fireworks, we even went out with them on a nighttime torch walk on fireworks night…, I say “I don’t need one” because I don’t know why you wouldn’t have them, I don’t feel I need a “story” to support this…… I live in the country ( west wales), and we are surrounded by wildlife- they must suffer enormously, my neighbours dogs do…… and I live in a world that suffers enormously with this. That’s all I need. Please make it law, why wouldn’t you?! Come on wales, let’s get something right for a change!


From: Christianne
I have 2 dogs, 3 horses and a cat. Both of my dogs are upset by fireworks but one of them is a rescue and she had been shot before I adopted her. She is so terrified of fireworks that she goes catatonic if they go off near her. The horses are always terrified of them but now one of the horses is 24 years old and has gone blind, which means it is very dangerous to have him running around the field in the dark, in fear.

Last year my cat had not come in during the day, so was outside when fireworks went off. She disappeared for 2 days which she has never done before. Clearly fireworks are causing huge to stress to them all. Silent fireworks could largely get rid of this problem and it really seems a no-brainer to move over to using them.


From: Ruth
Our dog shakes uncontrollably once fireworks start – it’s upsetting to see. He won’t eat or respond in the way he usually does. He’s not an axious dog and she’s not a nervous dog. We endured 3 consecutive nights before Nov 5th. Then yet again last night – the 9th.

There have been some awful stories this year. There are still dogs (family pets) missing (it’s the 10th Nov as I write this) and being looked for having been spooked and then bolted.
Silent fireworks is definitely a solution.


From: Kathy
All of my pets hated fireworks, one of my German Shepherds would be so afraid that she would sweat and hide behind any furniture!

So sad when they get so upset.


From: Pat
my dog is terrified of fireworks as are lots of pets and wildlife he hides in the back of the hall cupboard and will not come out for hours,he shakes like a leaf,it is not fair on him to have his peace shattered by what sounds like explosions,it is not children that are letting these off five days later it is idiots with no consideration, its time the sale of fireworks was banned to the general public these things are not just noisy they are dangerous as well.


From: Susan
I am wholeheartedly behind the campaign for silent fireworks. My dog is terrified, she trembles, pants and paces, this behaviour goes on for hours. I turn up the sound on the TV, try to cuddle and reasure her but all my attempts to pacify her fail.

I can only imagine how stressful it must be for horses, birds and wild animals.

This year has been unbearable with fireworks being let off days before the 5th and now today, the 10th they are still being let off. The local authority should bring in some control, I would prefer only registered displays having access to fireworks but if not then silent fireworks would help enormously. As we now have fireworks going off not only on Bonfire night, but Divali, New Year and countless other random times of the year.


From: Sue
I have a beautiful little companion dog Coco, who unfortunately is terrified if the bang noises from fireworks. There is absolutely no need for them to be so loud, terrifying all our pets, farm life and wild life. Please support.


From: Nicole
No words to lots & lots of words!!

To the dickheads (about 30 of them) that decided that they were a law unto themselves & thought hey, its fine to drive their cars, up onto private land & have their own firework display..
I have never, ever heard anything like it..
Ian being Ian, went outside told them they were on private land..that there were livestock and we had dogs, that were going bananas..

They laughed..said ‘oooh poor f*@k off..’
And..get this..
The Twats turned around..moved the fireworks & set them off straight over the house!!
These are huge display type fireworks..that the remainders are all over the courtyard.

The police have been.. but, didnt get here in time..
I get that..
Its ok..
I feel guilty for calling them to be honest…with what they’ve been saying about how bad its been tonight..

But…What the f*@k is wrong with people??

We have had sheep running around in blind panic..
My dogs have absolutely lost it..
And even worse is poor Erns..
Such a state that although he has been sat cwtched in..i’ve just walked back into the room, sat next to him and i don’t think he even knew it was me..
He growled and barked & jumped at me, then i think he realised it was me & buried his head in my lap..
Looking at him, i just feel like crying..

So to those that say..
For gods sake..we’ve always had bonfire night..get a grip!!
Il say.. it isnt just one night..
It goes on for weeks..
And these fireworks are a lot bigger & noisier than they ever were when i was a kid..

If i had been here on my own tonight..i would have been upset/uneasy at the noise alone..
So for the elderly, the vulnerable & people on their own, let alone pets, it must be bloody traumatic!!

Organised displays.. ✔💯% people can choose if they want to go or not, i get they look pretty, i won’t lie..i’ve stood out on our decking in the past..watching, across the water towards cardiff, bristol etc… what i would assume to be organised displays.. by the size of them.. and thought Wow!! pretty..

But tonight, i’ve gone from wanting to wade in & stick one of those fireworks, sideways where the sun doesnt shine & finishing off my grand exit by taking a baseball bat to the cars that are parked, all over private land.. to just crying because of the carange in my house because my dogs have all lost it!!

Classic fm..thank you..the last two nights you’ve been amazing.. tonight you didnt stand a chance!!

Happy Birthday Ian.. its rather late..but now we can have a drink!!

For the first time in the last 3 hours, my breathing has calmed down..

The dogs are all asleep, i think it could be an exhausted sleep..but they are asleep..

Sorry for the rant..but i think most of you will get where i’m coming from..
And sorry for my potty mouth..but i just couldn’t help it 😡😢

Nic xx


From: Jan
I want to end the unnecessary suffering of pets, farm animals and wildlife. I have often come across dead birds following a heavy night of noisy fireworks. I also know how terrified many dogs and cats get which is a form of cruelty by a so called pet loving nation. Let’s put an end to this disgraceful practice!


From: Claire
I hate noisy fireworks. They hurt my ears. My grand daughter is terrified of them (she’s 3) and my dog petrified.


From: Niki
My horses don’t like fireworks but usually seem to cope ok. Local fireworks displays are within a five mile radius but as I live in such a rural area they are very loud and obvious.

This year it was different. One of my horses, a Shetland pony was suffering from laminitis, an illness of his feet. He was coping ok but he deteriorated over a weekend of fireworks from all sides. The stress he was feeling made him sicker and I had to have a vet visit and he had to have medication. This was a direct result of the fireworks.

So every year they will be stressed, but it becomes apparent only when there is a stress on their system already. We can’t know this…we have no method of being able to assess it.

The fireworks need to be silent.


From: Jessica
My 9 year old autistic brother is terrified of fireworks, during the month of November and December (because of New Year) he has to wear head guards to prevent him from hearing the bangs. Silent fireworks would mean him, and us as a family, could still take him out during these months and not be on edge, or race home from picking him up from school, in case someone lets one off and he has a meltdown. One of his typical meltdowns can last up to 3 hours, all because someone let off a firework and he was scared. Please ban the sale of fireworks to the general public and only put on silent firework displays.


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