My more personal thoughts and musings. I do try to update this weekly but it does tend to be when something really, really lifts me up – or trips me up. 

The Menopause


It’s been a while since I wrote and shared a blog of this magnitude; I prefer to post pictures of my dog, sunsets and sunrises. But when I keep sighing, “More people should know about […]

Menopause? More Like Mental-Pause!


Menopause? More Like Mental-Pause I often start my blog posts by validating the content and this is no exception. It has been a challenging one to write and brow-furrowingly difficult to actually tap the ‘publish’ […]

The Green, Green Grass of Heaven


Goodnight Howard. Last week saw the departure of one of the most special people I have ever met. Howard Marks was like marmite, you loved him or hated him and during the numerous talks and […]



As hard as I try to walk alongside convention and discipline and write regular blogs for my website, it is only when something really inspires me that I can sit still for long enough to […]

Snakes and Ladders


Here we go again then. There is a pattern emerging and it’s not the pretty pattern I planned.  That pattern consisted of decorative weekly blogs sharing current thoughts, events, musings and learnings; of successes, questions, […]

We Grow When it Rains


I feel totally deconstructed. Distraught and distressed; too many ‘de’ and ‘dis’ words. It is not easy to write but I am determined to write now, amid the tears and trauma because I want to […]

A Wood Fast and Paralympics Heart


If you go down to the woods today… “You’re doing a Wood Fast?” asked my brother, “do you mean Wood Fest?” referring to the numerous summer festivals I have recently covered for the media. “Nope, […]