Radio 2’s Sally Traffic (Sally Boazman) Share’s her Juicy Top-Tip

6a01156fa075f4970c0167620719df970bBBC Radio 2’s Sally Boazman , or ‘Sally Traffic’ as she’s better known, tells me that she recently felt sorry for the plants out on her balcony of her London flat so brought them all into the living room.  “They just looked so cold and unhappy so I’ve brought them indoors for a bit.  I only have a balcony in London and in the summer I have lots of flowers out there and in winter just little plants.  I have got another house out of London and that’s got a garden though it’s not very big.  I am quite an earthy person and I like to get dirty, but I’m just not very good at gardening.  I had help to design and landscape it to get the best out of it.  I’ve got a lovely pergola with something nice crawling up it.  I like to let things grow and to their thing and then I cut them back and watch them do it all again.

Voted the sexiest voice on radio by Auto Trader and referred to as a National Treasure by Steve Wright, Sally continues,  “I always make sure I have a little herby patch, even on my balcony as I am a great believer in Herbalism.  I think they’re incredibly important and not just for cooking.  I drink loads of peppermint tea so always grow my own and just pick it and pour boiling water over it.  It’s so simple and tastes so much nicer than herbal teabags.”

The popular traffic reporter admits, “Most of my outdoor life revolves around trucks.  I go to all the truck shows and do Truckfest every year and I’ve even learned to drive a truck but I do also have a Fantasy life where I would grow lots of wild flowers and keep chickens and dogs, and grow my own veg.  I’ve never grown my own veggies but I think it’s brilliant.”

Sally is also well known for sharing her health conscious views on the radio. “I have been a vegetarian since I was about 19 years old.  Before I got into radio, I was an actress for a while and worked at Butlin’s in Colwyn Bay. I used to have to wait for the bus to get back to my digs and the bus stop was next to an abattoir. I remember hearing the shouting and yelling and the animals screaming and I have never knowingly eaten meat since.  We sometimes taste different dishes live on air on the Simon Mayo Show but if it’s meat then I won’t even go into the studio.   There is nothing in meat that you cannot get from another source.  My top tip for everyone, vegetarian or not, is to juice.  I’m a great juicer.  I juice carrots, apples, broccoli, green veg and spinach every day.  It goes straight into your system the vitamins and minerals seem more alive somehow.  A lot of people seem unaware of the rubbish they put in their body.  I never drink fizzy drinks though I do drink alcohol now and then!”  She adds with a chuckle. “I’m not perfect and I don’t preach but I think if you can just put good food in your body and keep moving then you’ll be sorted.”

And Sally has more green plans afoot.  Although she currently drives a Vauxhall Astra Convertible, she is also thinking about giving it up.  “there is a little village in the Netherlands, Giethoorn, that has no roads or cars, it’s know as Little Venice of the North.  I just liked the sound of it though I suppose wouldn’t have a job there!”

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