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Lynne’s light, bright and witty speaking style provides a ‘breath of fresh air’ and a gently controversial / alternative view to talk show panels (she is a regular guest on BBC Radio Wales), events (judging and openings) and speaking engagements.

Listen to Lynne on BBC Radio Wales, 27 August 2015:


Listen to Lynne on BBC Radio Wales, 25 May 2016 (Chelsea Flower Show Edition):


An interactive Q&A style talk which engages the audience from the first moment, often with the help of props from her box of ‘weird and wonderful’ things, as she entertains by talking about:

  • Peas: Gardening anecdotes, insider secrets and top design ideas,
  • Bees: Bee-keeping, wildlife planting and enivronmental/biodiversity issues
  • Celebrities: Humorous and revealing insights into the greener side of celebrities as gleaned for her weekly column interviews for a National newspaper.

This innovative and unusual format guarantees that there is something for every member of the audience who can be as involved as they’d like and leave happy having had their burning questions answered and learnt ‘quite interesting’ nuggets and facts.


Using the analogy of cultivating plants and vegetables, Lynne talks about the importance of appropriate preparation, nurturing and harvest in shaping one’s own life, incorporating wisdom and anecdotal stories from nature.[/toggle]


6a01156fa075f4970c017ee43a6141970dGardening Q&A is another interactive, off-piste talk format in which Lynne answers questions from the audience on all aspects of gardening and garden design. Imagine ‘Gardeners’ Question Time’ but with way more attitude and as much emphasis on entertainment as on learning.

Lynne is also very happy to focus a talk on specific areas of interest too, eg. – Beekeeping – Pigs – Labyrinths – Tales from a Tiny-Holding – Being Barefoot and – Garden Design, as well as her other passions.

You can contact Lynne and her team here.

See Lynne’s Media Experience.


How aspects of nature can benefit the corporate world. Lynne explores the ways in which businesses and the corporate world can learn from nature to design smarter products, processes and systems, and to work more harmoniously to obtain greater results. Nature can inspire innovations that increase energy and resource productivity and enhance business development. Discussing the Gaia Theory, Natural Capitalism, the Natural Step, Bio-mimicry and the nature-inspired Barefoot Business models, you will be encouraged to think more philosophically about the natural world and our place within it.

Inspiring ‘barefoot thinking’, Lynne also shares narratives and anecdotes about celebrities and their relationship with nature which she has gleaned from working within the media and how diverse perspectives are embedded in policies, institutions, leadership styles and business models.  These are thought provoking and inspiring presentations that will change the way you think and operate, personally and professionally.

More information here.

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