Courgette, Pea and Mint Soup


Butter for frying 1 tbsn olive oil 1 small onion, peeled and chopped 250 g courgettes, trimmed and chopped 750 ml chicken or veg stock 250 g shelled peas Handful fresh mint leaves chopped. Melt […]

Radio 2’s Lynn Bowles Goes Green


BBC Radio 2 presenter, Lynn Bowles got half way through her practical year studying agriculture before she realised it wasn’t for her. “It wasn’t because of the bad weather or anything”,  she says adamantly.  “Being […]

It’s Not Easy Being Green


Star of BBC’s “It isn’t Easy Being Green”, James Strawbridge, surprised me a little by confessing he’s always wanted to be a Landscape Gardener. “I’d love your job”, he enthuses.  “I have always been into […]

Bloomin’ Marvellous


Most of the week was spent judging Blaenau Gwent in Bloom.  A fabulous honour and lovely to meet so many enthusiastic and clever gardeners but not an easy task, I can assure you.  I saw […]

Fiz Brown Goes Green


Actress Jennie McApline is best known for her role as Fiz Brown in Coronation Street but the actress started her career as a stand up comedienne. She recalls; “In school, we had to stand up […]

In the Garden with Robin Ince


Stand up Comedian and author Robin Ince is currently in the midst of performing at Music Festivals. “I literally spend the summer going from one Fest to another,” he explains, “Which doesn’t leave much time […]

Gardening News with BBC Wales’ Sian Lloyd


Journalist and TV presenter Sian Lloyd is passionate about presenting ‘Your Story’ for BBC Wales, covering stories that matter to viewers and their communities. “We meet lovely people; hear incredible stories and I have seen […]

Horoscopes and Horticulture with Russell Grant


Celebrity astrologer Russell Grant refers fondly to his 44 acre Victorian Estate near Portmeirion;  “We have the most wonderful primrose lawn, a tennis lawn, a croquet lawn, greenhouses, vegetable gardens, herb beds – And”, he […]

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