Keep Fit and Have Fun in the Fresh Air

6a01156fa075f4970c012876d4e6eb970cGMTV Fitness Instructor, Deanne Berry attributes much of her healthy lifestyle to growing up in Sydney, Australia. “ Being an Ozzie, I just love being outdoors,” she enthuses, “Dad loves growing his own herbs and veg and Mum makes fabulous salads from the papaya’s, so we would often have our food straight from the garden.  It would go straight from the plant to the BBQ.  It’s really healthy and obviously all the preparation of growing it and then harvesting it keeps you active too.  Gardening is definitely one of the best ways to keep fit,” she emphasises.

Now living in London, Deanne continues, “When I go home, Dad and I go fishing in a little kayak and then light a fire on the sand and eat the fish we’ve caught.  It tastes amazing and we also burn loads of calories catching it.” she laughs.  “I miss having a garden in London but I still manage to grow herbs and I get to the Parks as often as possible to run and just enjoy Nature.  Being in Nature is good for you too,” continues the motivational maestro.  “I have just been to a wedding in the Cook Islands and we picked fresh flowers for the Bride. The Frangipani’s are so pretty and even the little wild flowers are amazing.”

“When I presented the Bikini Diet on GMTV last year, most of it was filmed outdoors as I think the fresh air is so good for you.  We were lucky as most of it was also done on a Cruise in the Med.” she admits.  “But even in this icy cold British weather you can still wrap up warm and run or walk outdoors.  Take the family to the Park and just run around and have fun,” she suggests.  “Exercise needs to be enjoyable and fun or you won’t stick to it.  That’s why gardening is so good for you; there’s load of variety, you burn up calories and get great tasting food and lovely flowers as well.”

Having motivated stars like Colleen Nolan and Kylie Minogue, Deanne advises,  “On really wet, horrible days you can use my fitness DVD, ‘Clubland – The Workout of Your Life’.  It’s a high energy work out with fun dance routines and a lot of jumping about,” she laughs.  “There are lots of different sections to keep you motivated so you’re not counting the minutes until you finish,” she adds.

The fitness Queen has another tip, “Keep a pair of trainers just for indoor use and treat yourself to some nice fitness clothes and you’ll feel better about exercising,”  she says, “Don’t hide under baggy clothes, they won’t inspire you.”

“Though,” she adds cheerfully, “that’s another good reason for exercising outdoors …. there are no mirrors!”

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