Buzz Off – wasp free zone!

waspinator-pic-2The recent high winds have already brought down a lot of apples and plums in the garden and wasps are proving a real nuisance.  They change their feeding habits in the autumn preferring sweet things and carbohydrates and are also more likely to scavenge around outdoor diners.

Enter, the Waspinator; a fake wasp’s nest that will deter wasps from areas indoors and out.  It is an ingenious idea as wasps are very aggressive and territorial.   When they see what they think is another wasp’s nest in the vicinity they will ‘buzz off’ and forage elsewhere rather than risk confrontation.

It is made from recycled   polypropylene and is completely waterproof.   You can even scrunch it up and take it on a picnic with you and has even been voted as one of the 50 Best Things to take Camping.

Priced at £13.95 for a twin pack (inc P&P) visit

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