Gardening News with BBC Wales’ Sian Lloyd

6a01156fa075f4970c011571b575b2970bJournalist and TV presenter Sian Lloyd is passionate about presenting ‘Your Story’ for BBC Wales, covering stories that matter to viewers and their communities.

“We meet lovely people; hear incredible stories and I have seen some fantastic gardens too.  It’s one of the bonuses of being out and about amongst people in their everyday lives,” she explains.

“It was whilst reporting for Wales Today, that I visited Powis Castle and was lost for words when I saw the gardens.  They are stunning and such a beautiful place to film.  I remember the sense of all the different generations that had either worked in or enjoyed the gardens.  Gardening is a lot about that sense of history, growth and change.  It’s one of my favourite Welsh gardens,”  she confesses.

Sian describes herself as ‘lucky’ to have a large family garden of her own.  “There’s a big grassed area which we use as a play area for Seb, (her ‘nearly 4’ year old son) and lots of beds and a large patio with pots on.  I like to tinker about with the pots even though we’ve got a big garden.  We love eating outside and it’s nice to be surrounded by the pots; I’ve got geraniums in them and lilacs and always put bulbs in the autumn bulbs as I love the spring flowers.  I like the beauty of flowers but also love the scent.  We’ve got a lot of lavender too.”

The bubbly presenter is also busy in the greenhouse;  “We are into our second strawberry year after propagating some of last year’s plants.  I like Seb to see where food comes from and how it’s produced and he’s been helping me out.  We’ve been eating fresh strawberries over Wimbledon.  It’s been great. I haven’t had much time to watch the tennis but enjoyed the strawberries nonetheless,” she laughs.

And she is not the only one, as she explains;  “My husband, Jason, took Seb into check the strawberries the other night and there was a bird in the greenhouse that had obviously been enjoying our crop too.  I thought he might have been too full to fly!” she exclaims.

“Growing food is also a great way to encourage Seb to eat more fruit and veg.  He’s great with fruit but not so good with veg, so I think we’ll grow some peas next year.  My grandfather had an allotment and I remember spending time there picking and eating fresh peas straight from the pod, they tasted amazing.”

Sian shares another childhood memory – “I love Weeping Willow trees and remember spending so much time under the one in my parent’s garden; from playing with my dolls as a young girl to revising for my exams as a teenager.  It was a wonderfully peaceful and private place.”

Sian has recently become an ambassador for the Kidney Wales Foundation.  Pop into to lend your support.

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