In the Garden with Robin Ince

6a01156fa075f4970c0115721abc57970bStand up Comedian and author Robin Ince is currently in the midst of performing at Music Festivals.

“I literally spend the summer going from one Fest to another,” he explains, “Which doesn’t leave much time for the garden.  In fact my gardening experience can be summed up nicely by yesterday’s events,”  he admits mischievously.  “I took my son to the zoo and when I came home my wife had done the gardening.”

Robin obviously feels compelled to admit his last Tour didn’t include dates in Wales but “That oversight will be rectified next time,” he promises, adding  “My  last DVD was recorded at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.  Called ‘Robin Ince is as Dumb as You’, it was also produced by the Welsh Independent label, Go Faster Stripe.”

The multi talented comedian admits, “Although I started out as a ‘stand up comic’, I soon realised I had to do something else as well as spending my evenings standing up and shouting.  I needed something to do in the day.  So I wrote the film,  ‘Razzle Dazzle’ (‘which can still be bought at Amazon’, he adds quickly) “and have just written a book that will be out next year.  I also organise a lot of alternative shows and do all the guest appearance stuff too.”

However, it appears that he is planning to spend more time at home next year.  “I plan to be more of a home and garden person,” he muses.  “I’m fascinated by Charles Darwin and I would love to have a garden like his, at Down House.  He had a ‘thought path’ which he would walk along for inspiration and he got his son to play the bassoon to plants to see how they reacted.”

“Our garden currently consists of a sandpit, slide and things that squirt water,” he chuckles, “but when I do get a bigger garden, it will be partially used to play the clarinet to daffodils.”

The funny man continues, “I don’t really participate in the garden but I love watching the interaction of it all; even the bees working on the few flowers that we have.  Bees fascinate me; we underestimate their importance so much and the current depletion of bees will have horrendous effects,” he predicts.  “I am organising a ‘Pestival’ at the South Bank in London in September which will be a ‘Celebration of Bees’.  There will be various people doing bee-based stuff and there’s even a taxi driver that dresses as a bee and has adapted his cab to look like a hive.”

Robin recalls his childhood memories of gardening:  “Like a lot of kids I was given a little corner of the garden to grow my own stuff. And like most kids, I was impatient,  pulled up carrots before they were ready and just got bored with it all,” he admits.  “But I will definitely be moving into growing my own in the future.  I’m a vegetarian and it’s hard to get good vegetarian food late at night when you’re touring.  I always gorge myself on organic veg when I get home.  I can definitely see myself standing on my allotment, with a pipe (probably not lit) and one foot on my spade, just deliberating life,” he laughs,” just before I turn into mulch myself.”

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