Radio 2’s Lynn Bowles Goes Green

lynne-bowlesBBC Radio 2 presenter, Lynn Bowles got half way through her practical year studying agriculture before she realised it wasn’t for her. “It wasn’t because of the bad weather or anything”,  she says adamantly.  “Being Welsh I’m used to the rain; I’m Welsh and waterproof”, she laughs.  “I just thought it’s not for me and I decided to do a degree in communications instead.”

Well known for presenting her traffic reports during the Terry Wogan, Sarah Kennedy and Ken Bruce Shows, Lynn adds, “We all spend too much time whinging about the weather.”  (It is tipping down outdoors as we speak).  “My philosophy is, ‘if it’s dry get outside and enjoy it – quickly.’  Make the most of the good days.”

She explains, “I’ve only got a little terrace garden in London but it is all ready to be enjoyed and used whenever the weather’s good.”

“It was just a patch of grass for years.  I’m not a great gardener but one day I just thought this is so rubbish, I have to do something about it.  A good friend helped me and she did such a good job it totally changed my view about gardens and gardening.  I hate the way those home programmes call a garden an outdoor room but it is– I call it the green room now!”

“When the weather’s good, we sit out under the olive tree”, she says proudlY.   “And there’s a great Prunus. I love it; it’s got something going on all year.  In winter it’s architectural with great stems, in the spring there are delicate little flowers, in the summer the bark is a wonderful auburn-copper colour and the leaves are colourful in the autumn.  I also like the New Zealand Flax, its good all year. I like value for money,” she laughs.  “I kept a bit of grass too,” she admits.  “Being Welsh I have to have a bit of the green stuff underfoot.”

When I comment on her knowledge of plants she is honest; “I’ve learnt that you only have to know a couple names or facts in any subject to sound like an expert.  I think I’ve told you all I know about gardening now.”

The Cardiff born presenter has another confession, “Although Terry (Wogan) says I’m from Splott, it’s not true.  He just loves the word and of course it rhymes nicely with Totty, hence me being referred to as the Traffic Totty from Splotty,” she laughs.  “It’s a great part of Cardiff though.  Another of my favourite areas in Wales is the Gower.  I only discovered it about 3 years ago and I love it.  It must be one of Wale’s best kept secrets,” she enthuses.  “I went to White Sands and there was no one else there!  And the countryside is so green, which is another reason that Welsh rain is good,” She laughs.  “Spain might be nice and hot but the grass is yellow.”

“I will move back to Wales one day; if my passport doesn’t expire and I’d  like to have a proper garden then.  I’d like to do veggies and I think everyone should do their bit toward being self sufficient.  I just hope it doesn’t turn out that I’ve got black fingers.”  She chuckles again

“My Uncle Joe had the fastest donkey in Cardiff in the 1920’s” she adds proudly, “So I think I’ll have to have donkeys too.  It’ll be a bit like the Good Life.”

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