Paw Protection

Rock salt has been used liberally as a de-icer by Councils during the big freeze but did you know that whilst effective at defrosting ice and snow it’s not particularly plant or pet friendly and can also corrode concrete?  As the salt is washed off of paths and roads it can damage plants and grass and excessive salt in the soil will reduce the plants resistance to disease and pests.

The harmless looking pink salt will also burn a dogs (or cats) paws and can cause indigestion problems and even poisoning, if the animal licks the salt off their pads.  There is a pet-safe de-icer on the market called Paw Safe but I can only find American suppliers

As a pet-friendly alternative, use clean cat litter as a de-icer and keep paths around the house snow-free with a shovel.  Washing your dogs paws after a walk will help or if you think they’ll be appreciated (or tolerated) treat your faithful friend to a set of dog boots from from just £6.99 per pair.


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