Walk Tall and Lose Weight

6a01156fa075f4970c0134877e62b1970cEasily recognised for having been a Health and Nutrition expert for ITV’s daytime show This Morning, Diet and Movement Specialist Joanna Hall is a big fan of the Great Outdoors and exercising in the fresh air.

“I was brought up in Devon with Mum and Dad growing lots of their own fruit and veg.  I have really strong, good memories of eating great tasting, healthy food.  Devon soil was great for growing raspberries and gooseberries and even leeks; Mum always had huge cauldrons of homemade soups, like leek and potato, on the Aga.  Even though I live in London now, my Studio has three large decked areas and I use big pots to grow things like tomatoes and vines.  I have also been growing sunflowers with my 4 year old this year, I love sharing the importance of the different seasons, it’s a very grounding experience and I love being out in the fresh air.”

“We need to challenge the way people associate exercise with gyms and indoor technology,” Joanna continues, “often using a gym or exercising indoors isn’t the best way to stay motivated for financial, emotional or physical reasons.   I love working with real people on real issues and am absolutely committed to making diet and movement effective and enjoyable.  Being outdoors helps improve the emotional and spiritual state as well as the physical state.”

Having also just launched her own range of clothing, ‘Zoca for Joanna Hall,’ (as shown in photo above)the inspirational entrepreneur continues,  “Walking is the foundation of all my activity and my Walk Active programmes are based on a technique I have developed to help people use the correct muscles whilst walking.  It’s not power walking, it’s a skill you can learn and use to correct poor posture alignment and is a technique that relates specifically to your feet, hips, neck and shoulders and arms.  The way you use these four areas of your body whilst walking can whittle inches off the waist and midriff and tone the whole body.  It will reshape your body completely.  I am bringing the programme to Wales for the first time in October and you will definitely see a difference in your body shape and posture after just 3 days.  It’s something everyone can learn and enjoy and benefit from whether you are walking the dog, walking the kids to school or even urban walking.   Apart from all the stunning scenery in Wales, Cardiff is also a great urban environment for walking, there’s so much to see.”

“Men also find it a highly effective workout and it’s something the whole family can enjoy and benefit from together.  We will also be bringing the Walk Time Trials to Cardiff in the New Year, where we can help reinforce your technique and monitor your improvements.   We often see people losing up to 10 lbs and 10 inches in body mass in less than a month, as well as huge improvements in their posture and skin, just by walking.  The outdoors offers tremendous opportunities and benefits for health and wellbeing.


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