The Incredible Runner ‘Being’

6a01156fa075f4970c0133ec6cd196970bInspirational writer and lecturer, Rosie Swale Pope MBE is busy preparing for her latest extreme adventure, running 26 marathons in 26 days.  “I will be running my first marathon in Tenby, my home town,  on the 5th April,” she explains, “I see Spring and Easter as a time of hope and amnesty as the flowers and buds burst into life.  It seemed an ideal time for my next fund raising challenge.”

Well known for running around the World with her trusty cart Icebird (‘Just a Little Run Around the World’ can be purchased from Amazon), Rosie explains, “It has been hard finding the time to train this time as I have been busy lecturing and earning money to enable me to do this challenge.  I always use my own money to eat and sleep somewhere … though I’m not sure where I’m sleeping yet”.  She adds, “I have spent many nights sleeping in Icebird in foreign countries.”

“In Tenby, 25 people will join me to raise money too.  I have asked each person just to run a mile with me so they will support me and can be sponsored themselves for running or doing a ‘smile with Rosie’.  Hopefully other supporters will do the same as I run through the rest of the 25 towns and cities.  I do hope people will come and say Hello, it makes all the difference.”

“26 marathons in 26 days, pulling a cart is an unknown quantity, it’s never been done.  Even when I ran around the World, I could do 5 miles one day and maybe 30 the next, so I had a little freedom.  I do believe we can always do more than we think we can though, it’s all about taking smaller steps when the going gets tough.   Real adventures can be found in everyday life, they are not exclusive to people landing on the moon,”  She adds cheerfully.

Rosie started her extreme adventures to raise money for charities that highlight the importance of cancer awareness and early diagnosis when her beloved husband Clive died 8 years ago.   “I thought if I did something that got me noticed then I could write about it afterwards,” she explained.  “ I have slept in ditches and survived temperatures of minus 62 degrees;  one has to just keep going and it’s the same in everyday life, one must never give up no matter how difficult something may seem.”

“When I get a little bit jaded I plant a flower and when I run I get a huge amount of inspiration from the little flowers blossoming in the hedgerows.  One of the hardest things about sailing the Atlantic (single-handed) is that I was at sea for 70 days without seeing a single flower or tree or any greenery.  I love flowers deeply; there is no jealousy or hatred in a garden.”

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