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6a01156fa075f4970c0153930654be970bDame Shirley Bassey described recording with rock band Never the Bride, as ‘inspirational and fun’.  Roger Daltry describes lead singer Nikki Lamborn as “the best female rock singer since Janis Joplin” and Radio 2’s Bob Harris called the girls ‘one of the best live bands in Britain.”

Nikki explains, “Singing was always a hobby.  I left school early and had loads of jobs including a singing waitress and performing with a cabaret band at the Working Men’s Clubs throughout Wales.  I met Catherine ‘Been’ Feeney (nicknamed Been because she’s always late!) and we formed Never the Bride.  All our friends were getting married at the time and we would sing at their Weddings; one day Been just said, ‘Always the entertainment – never the Bride’, and it stuck.”

Although Nikki loves the outdoors and particularly an good dog-walk, she explains that Been is the real gardener and outdoor fanatic.  “We recorded an album in a really remote studio in Wales and didn’t see anyone for a week or so.  Been loved it but I was going a bit stir-crazy.  She’s always late because she’s usually been saving an animal’s life. She’s like the Pied Piper with animals, they all follow her everywhere.  She’s mad about trees, flowers and wildlife and she’s got a mega garden.”

Been takes up the story, “I’ve got a couple of foxes that visit every night for the chicken wings I give them;  one night I had to park the car in the next street and the foxes followed me home for their treats. I’ve got loads of wildlife in the garden.  I love to think that it belongs to the wildlife and animals and they know that.  I got an old friend to dig out a pond for me and I was amazed at how quickly he did it; then I remembered he was a grave-digger!” She laughs. “I’ve got over 50 little frogs in the pond now and I also have little field mice that come and help themselves to the bird food.”

As well undertaking numerous Worldwide tours and recording and performing with the likes of Dame Shirley Bassey, Robert Plant, ZZ Top, The Who and Alice Cooper the girls are currently busy preparing for Abreast’s music extravaganza, ‘Rock for Cancer Research’ in Bristol on November 27th.  Now London-based, Nikki is originally from Bristol and is proud of her roots.  “I’m really passionate about the Charity and really wanted to contribute so have organised all the Bands, music, production and most of the raffle prizes. We have tickets to Madeira, a pair of Dame Shirley Bassey’s signed shoes, tea at the Ritz with Julia Bradbury and Chesney Hawkes’s signed guitar as well as loads of other prizes.  But I also really love going back to Bristol.  I’ll never lose my accent;  it’s a mad and exciting life and you’ve just got to be who you truly are.”

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