‘Bird’ Food for Thought

6a01156fa075f4970c0133ec4e3984970bPeople who put out food for wild birds and then enjoy watching them from the windows of their homes could be helping reduce their stress levels by doing so.

According to recent independent research commissioned by Gardman, people who watch birds feeding in their gardens associate the activity with relaxation and well-being.

Jane Lawler, Marketing Director at Gardman, said: “The research conducted last year (2009) found that a cross-section of society thought bird feeding and watching were peaceful, calming and soothing activities. Those involved with the study said they enjoyed taking time out to watch birds and some said it made them feel at peace with the world.”

I have numerous bird feeders in my own garden and totally agree that feeding the birds makes me feel good.  My Gardman guaranteed squirrel proof seed feeders proved successful through the winter so I’ll definitely be getting a couple of their peanut feeders too.

Available from all good Garden Centres or www.thegardenersshop.co.uk at just £12.95.

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