Steeds of Change

Firehorse“If you don’t ride the wave of change, you’ll find yourself beneath it.” Pretty good advice for a pirate. And it resonates with the spankingly swift, freaky-beaky energy that swirls around us at the moment. 

It’s a fast, furious, unforgiving flow of ceaseless change, challenges and maybe not so obviously, celebration.
I have spoken to many friends who have asked , “What the feck is going on? I have feelings and emotions I haven’t had for years … and tears and fears – from nowhere. What’ s it all about? I feel like I’m going mad.”
As a humble pirate and speaker with rocks, I have my own theory (well, I voice ‘our’ theory). I perceive that we are experiencing relentless reminders that old thinking, beliefs and behaviour are no longer appropriate. Jonathan Cainer  told me at the top of 2012, “it’ll be a year of huge change for most people – they will find themselves being led or pushed (your choice!) to their Divine Paths and an authentic lifestyle.”
Now, the way I see it, you can kick and scream , weep wail and whimper in the corner sucking your thumb or you can shrug, put your shoulders back and step up to claim what is rightfully yours. I know which I prefer. “This wonderous lifestyle in front of me has my name on it, I’d like to take it with me now please. No, no need to wrap it, I’ll be using it straight away. Thank you”
The Transit of Venus reminded us that love and authenticity are passionate bed-mates. Many things changed around that time for many people and the Transition Team has kept their foot firmly on the accelerator since, gathering speed and urgency.
At the best, the current energy takes on the guise of mischief and magical mayhem and at worst appears to deliver fear and resentment. The latter is indicative of a reluctance to let go of old thinking. If it hurts you’re doing it wrong – relevant for many aspects of life.
Paul Fuggle shared this with me recently; Ask yourself, “Does it make me happy?” If the answer is ‘Yes’, then keep doing it. If the answer is ‘No’, then ask yourself, “Do I want to be?” If the answer is ‘No’, keep doing what you are doing. If the answer is ‘Yes’, then change it. A whole month of Sunday’s worth of mentoring in a paragraph.
The challenge is to be objective enough to step out of the swollen river of emotion for long enough to gather your thoughts, and then jump right back into the flow, laughing as loud and as for long as it takes to worry those around you. The temptation, when the river is in full flood, is to swim to the side and hang onto the bank. That’s where all the debris, shite and muddy water lurks. Don’t go there. It won’t serve you. By all means climb out onto the bank for a quick breather but get back in as soon as you can. I perceive ‘getting out of the water’ as stepping outside of yourself and taking on the role of Observer for a while. Simply watch what is going on, without judgement, fear or expectation. It is an awesome place to be. You have heard the phrase, “Get over yourself,” – I like to think of it more as “get outside of yourself.”
None of the angst, frustration or fear will be coming from you – it is coming through you; it is not your energy, it is a Universal energy – if you try to own it you’re sunk (and every good Pirate knows that is best avoided). It needs to flow through, not to. Let it go through. Be aware of it, feel it, watch it, but do not hang on to it.
After one of our many deep and delicious conversations, the Barefoot Dr and I recently came to the conclusion that the key to life is to keep moving; the key to keep moving is to keep the flow flowing; the key to that is just 3 simple steps. First acknowledge the event or situation that is threatening to block your flow (sounds obvious but there are a lot of non-acknowledgers amongst us; you’ll spot them by their excessive use of TV, alcohol, work, drugs, sport (to name but a few ways) to avoid afore-mentioned acknowledgment.
Once you have acknowledged it you must accept it – ‘dim denial’ (good old Welsh phrase) – and also accept that you were instrumental in it happening, no need for blame or reprisals, just accept it. And then the final stage is to embrace it . Be glad it happened. ‘Better to have loved and lost, than have to live with the psycho for the rest of your life’, for example.
Once you can truly embrace any situation – good or bad – it is like finding the magic key that will allow you to go through the next door. I have been told that this is similar to going to the next level on a computer game – but even though I have vague recollections of Pac-Man and Space Invaders, computer games are not my forte and therefore not my most comfortable analogy. Though, I don’t doubt that even they are, in some weird freaky-shit sort of way, based on basic metaphysics – everything is.
So, back to the current fast and furious energy that is engulfing us – acknowledge it, accept it and embrace it. It is like a stampede of Fire Horses galloping across the Plains. Watch them draw near, put on your best Stetson, grab a handful of mane and fling yourself on. Sit in tight, grip with your knees, lean forward so you feel their mane in your face and let your body synch with their every stride. If you’re not on the back of these ‘steeds of change’, you’ll be under their hooves. Know they will keep you safe, trust their sure-footedness, rejoice in their speed and embrace the exhilaration, magnificence and gift of thundering along your Divine Path on such noble creatures.


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