Shazia Mirza Supports Trees For Cities

6a01156fa075f4970c0133f5534b51970bStand up comedienne and writer, Shazia Mirza’s  first gardening experience gave her quite a shock.  “I moved into a house in Hampstead with a lovely garden and big lawn about 3 years ago.  It was my first ever garden so the first thing I did was buy  a lawn mower and cut the grass; it looked lovely and I was quite pleased with myself but didn’t realise I’d have to do it again.  I was horrified, I thought it would just need doing once a year.”

I first thought a big garden was a nuisance and understood why people used so much gravel and paving but then I found a great gardener to help me and the garden looks lovely.  Now the grass is cut regularly, it’s turned into a really nice lawn and I’ve got roses and beautiful flowerbeds.  I love working outside on my laptop when the weather’s good, it’s so peaceful and I’m lucky to have such a lovely garden in the middle of London.  I’ve even got an oak tree in the middle of it; I love trees, especially the willow trees that hang over and move in the breeze on the Heath.  I’m Patron of Trees for Cities,” she continues.  “We raise money to plant trees to make London greener and every year we hold a Tree-athlon in Battersea Park where we run 5K around the Park to raise money.  You can also run it barefoot which is becoming more and more popular and helps you connect with Nature.”

The Guardian columnist is also inspired by being out in the fresh air.  “I spend a lot of time outdoors walking, especially when I’m on Tour.  I love Nature and spend time thinking about my routines whilst I walk.  Comedy is all about life experiences and Nature inspires you to write or think about everyday things.  Comedy is also about the truth and Nature is always truthful, I think that’s why writers love the seclusion Nature can offer.

For more about Shazia, pop into and many thanks to Martin Twomey for the fabulous photo

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