Mother Nature, how ‘art’ thou?

6a01156fa075f4970c01543323d056970cFounder of Welsh-based art-vertising company Altern8media, Gareth Daniel describes himself as eco-conscious and eco responsible which is what motivates him to use environmental artists to create art based media projects.  He explains, “Any business going forward today has to be socially and environmentally conscious; I use the crowd source business model to provide artists with a platform and to tap into the creatives.”

“Most of the registered artists are from Wales; we have incredible talent and a great creative system for art led initiatives that work well for media purposes such as promotions, events and advertising”.

Much of the artwork Gareth offers is inspired by Nature; both a keen gardener and hiker, Gareth continues, “techniques like leaf art, where logos and brands are depicted by leaves and thorns and moss art, where the artist uses a secret recipe to provide messages in moss that will literally ‘grow’ as the spores germinate are sustainable.  I am even providing some unusual artwork as table centre-pieces for a function soon, after sending the brief to a variety of artists.   There is so much scope.  Our ideas include creating a living branded wall of foliage and flowers, creating art-vertising from slag heaps by removing grass and exposing the contrasting coal beneath and creating big branded sculptures form recycled materials.  We have a data base of over 300 artists, offering techniques including reverse graffiti, sand art, chainsaw art, shop window art and even fire art; I see Altern8media as almost as a ‘co-operative of artists’.  I am passionate about developing eco-friendly products and lines want to inspire other businesses to do the same.”

It’s not only his business that has experienced rapid growth as Gareth explains, “I did have an allotment which I cleared, manured and even collected loads of pallets to make compost bins but after spending a few weeks hiking in north Wales rather than at the allotment, it got mega overgrown and I gave it to the guy who has the adjacent plot; I also used to help my grandparents in their garden and pinch some of their veg but now I don’t have much time, I just have an organic veggie box delivered every week.”

“I’d love to use more veg and flowers for art-vertising;  we created a huge sheep sculpture from cauliflowers for a local Food Festival which was really effective and we are currently working with the Abergavenny Food Festival discussing the possibilities of creating something amazing that could go viral too; maybe getting lots of people holding torches to create a brand image on the side of the Blorenge mountain.  The logistics of some projects are challenging,” he admits, “and funding is often an issue for many projects which is why we offer to link artists with sponsors on our website..

I think technology is actually making us more human as we have access to worldwide stories; we care more about ‘we’ and less about ‘me’ and of course it’s easier to find out about corporate authenticity and integrity too.  I am passionate about inspiring companies to become more socially and environmentally friendly and can provide them with the resources to do so.”

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