A Good ‘eco-habit’ to Get Into

6a01156fa075f4970c01348557d479970cEnthusiastic entrepreneurs Sian and David apjohn-Williams are, in their own words,  ‘Proud to be a Welsh family business’.

The couple started their own eco-friendly business,  Ecohabit, in March of this year and Sian quickly admits, “Having spent 19 years in retail as a buyer for Peacock’s, it was a big contrast to move into natural products.  Microbial technology has had a successful background in industry for years and is well recognised by fish farms and for maintaining lagoons and it was whilst David was working for a microbial technology company, that he realised that there was a niche for similar technology in the household.  It’s like Nature’s technology really,” Sian explains, “beneficial microbes are used to out compete the baddies, as happens in a natural environment.”

Just 18 months ago the couple’s own work environment was proving stressful as Sian explains; “We’re not sure whether it was an epiphany or just career burn out,” she laughs, “but we both jacked in our jobs and took our twin boys Tomos and Iwan camping around France for a couple of months.  It was a great adventure;  the French are very much into recycling and natural living and we spoke to a lot of people about the benefits of living simply and organically.  We felt there was a glaring gap in the market for microbial products for home use and decided to set up our own business.”

“We want to target everyone,” she continues, “not just the Eco Warriors (although we welcome them too).  We want to reassure people that you can keep your plasma TV and have a 4×4 in the drive and still make a difference to the environment.  The theory behind Ecohabit is that everyone can do their own little bit.  The products we sell are highly effective and easy to use and by doing so you will automatically be helping the environment.  Our concentrated cleaner for example, is packaged in a bottle that can be refilled 12 times which reduces waste going into landfill.  It’s a painless way to do your bit for the environment.”

“We supply effective solutions for indoor and outdoor situations.   The microbial action of the eco pond treatment will eliminate green water by digesting animal and plant waste and restoring the healthy ecosystem in your pond and the lawn treatment contains selected microbes which organically improve soil structure, produce healthier, greener grass and helps create conditions that moss hates!  It’s the best possible route for plants, pets, wildlife and humans.”

“David and I both gave up good incomes and a comfortable lifestyle where we didn’t ever have to think about what we purchased or spent.  Now we are much more frugal and we realise we don’t actually need a lot of the things we bought.  Because we have to budget carefully we have also reduced the amount of waste we produce.  I love meeting people at Fairs and Shows, we are dealing with really nice people.  We are much more relaxed, have more quality time and appreciate the things we do have more.  We are still a very young business and we appreciate that it too needs time to grow;  out of actually allowing that natural process to take place, comes a great deal of satisfaction.”

You can meet Sian and find out more about Ecohabit products at St Mellon’s Agricultural Show on the 7th August and Vale of Glamorgan Fair on the 11th August. Or pop into www.eco-habit.co.uk

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