Mike Peters on Nature, Gardening & Keeping Fit

6a01156fa075f4970c0133f5812117970bHaving to keep fit for his hectic solo UK Tour schedule, lead singer of The Alarm, Mike Peters  loves to use his garden as a gym.  “I love running on the mountains and then coming back into the garden to train.  I use the steps on the deck for step ups and tricep dips and then do a few sprints in the garden before sit ups and press ups back on the deck. I love training outdoors; our garden looks like a training ground for footballers at the moment as the boys, Evan and Dylan love kicking a ball about.  We’ve got everything apart from white lines and a stadium though the decking steps double up as spectator’s area.  It’s a big garden and I’ve found the secret to gardening is to find a good gardener.  We are lucky we found George, who looks like Uncle Albert,” he laughs.

“The boys go to a great Welsh Language School in Rhyl and they’re learning a lot about growing veg; my wife Jules likes to support what they learn at school and is really hands-on,  so I’m sure we’ll have a veg patch at home soon.  We have a fabulous old apple tree in the middle of our soccer pitch and at first the boys wanted to chop it down as it was in the way but since they have discovered it provides us with lovely apples that taste good, they love the tree and it’s a part of their life.”

The co-founder of the Love, Hope and Strength Foundation continues, “The Rock n Roll lifestyle gives me and Jules great opportunities to spend time with the kids.  I do all my Touring in chunks so get quality time at home in between.  My No 1 vocation is a father.”

Having just completed a sell out Tour of Scotland the energetic and enigmatic musician continues, “There are a lot of weather reference’s in the Alarm songs.  We live high on a hill looking down the Vale of Clwyd and get to see the weather coming toward us and changing all the time.  I don’t see the hedge-line as being a boundary, I see the whole valley as my garden; it integrates us with Nature.  We’ve also got an amazing garden at our Chapel Studio and another good gardener there who also double up as a security guard.  The musicians often sit outside with their guitars, sitting amongst all the blooms working on their songs, it’s great.  I’m not a gardener as such but I’m lucky enough to have two great garden spaces which have brought a lot of inspiration.  The seeds of a lot of songs have been sown in those gardens.”

For Tour dates and information about the next Gathering, a celebration of 30 years of Mike Peters and The Alarm, visit www.thealarm.com.

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