Wriggly Reassurance

6a01156fa075f4970c0134866946f9970cWe often find or see leeches in gardens, particularly in ponds but Carl Peters, Manager of Biopharm Leeches, reassured me they are nothing to worry about.

“The small leeches found in ponds, water filters and water butts are the aquatic type and are completely harmless to humans.  You may find them on your skin after you’ve cleaned out a pond or filter but they won’t be biting; they are not bloodsucking types, they will simply be sitting there, resting, and can just be brushed off.”

“The Horse Leech is also quite common in the garden, in damp, marshy areas and can be found under stones and logs.  They give people a bit of a fright as they can be around 6 inches long and look like the blood sucking variety but they’re not,” he continues.

“In fact, the leeches you will find in the garden are just part of nature’s fauna and an important part of the food chain.  They are good food for birds, fish and hedgehogs which are likely appreciate finding them much more than humans do.”

Lynne Allbutt – From the Archive.

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