Barefoot and Before: One Woman, One Country, Two Bare Feet

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Inspirational book, Barefoot and Before by Lynne AllbuttBy the age of 47 most people are looking towards an easier and quieter life; however, Welsh celebrity Lynne Allbutt decided to see if she could run across a country – in her bare feet. Far from being an ultra-runner, or extreme sports enthusiast, it was Lynne’s disquieted past that motivated her to undertake this inspirational challenge.

Barefoot and Before not only chronicles Lynne’s training diary, including the highs and lows of preparing for the epic 52 mile run across a country without shoes, but also the unconventional and often chaotic challenges of her personal life. On her galvanising journey she not only learns to mask the fear and hide the heartache experienced in her early life but stumbles, via her own gardening business and affinity with nature, into the world of TV, media and celebrities.

Lynne’s honesty is refreshing, inspirational and revealing, as she describes dealing with her mother’s bipolar disorder, the tragic and agonising loss of loved ones, abusive relationships and her constant pursuit of self-worth and confidence. The vulnerability she felt when exposing her feet unexpectedly and painfully unveiled the subconscious fears of ridicule and rejection which she had carried through her life. Remarkably, by pursuing her barefoot exploration, tangled and torn emotions are slowly recycled into self assurance and acceptance as she realises her goal and her potential.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes: “Running the mountainous width of Wales is an impressive undertaking in shoes, let alone without. Well done.”
Robert Plant: “A remarkable lady and a remarkable challenge. An exciting combination.” 
Howard Marks: “Having witnessed Lynne walk her talk and admired the most satisfactory results at a time when reconnecting to nature is pertinent, I believe Barefoot and Before to be the outstanding book of the present time.”

BBC Radio Berkshire discusses Lynne Allbutt and Barefoot & Before:




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  1. Lynne , I have the utmost respect for you after your inspiring talk today ,
    Thank you for a life affirming account of your life -so far.
    My shoes are off! I will think of your stories in Donegal next week, when I am sitting overlooking the wonderful scenery and seaviews in the garden -my soul will be refreshed. Thank you for all do. God bless .

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