Fresh Air Fitness with Colin Jackson

6a01156fa075f4970c01761540c8b6970c2Olympic athlete turned TV presenter, Colin Jackson, admits that although he’s not a keen gardener he does like plants and appreciates a nice garden.

“When I was little Dad used to take me strawberry picking to a big farm near Lisvane; eating them straight from the field was brilliant. I love fresh fruit and veg and it’s so good for you.

As the official face of the Bodydoctor Kids Fitness campaign which encourages children to get fit, Colin has a surprising childhood memory of his own. “When I was growing up we only had a small back garden where we grew a bit of veg and Mum used to keep the front pretty with flowers. I used to measure myself against the Red Hot Pokers that she grew. I used to start off the tallest but they always grew quicker than me and would win by the end of the summer”, he laughs.

The Cardiff born, former hurdler still trains and prefers to do so outdoors. “I have a personal trainer that makes me get up at 6.30 am to go running, usually over 10K. The Taff Trail is great for running and there are loads of parks in Cardiff which are great to run through as they’re all flat.”

Colin who will be commenting on athletics for the BBC at the London Olympics is a great believer that a happy body equals a happy person. “People get so stressed these days, exercise is a great stress buster and just makes you feel better. I’d like to get kids training and keeping fit without realising they are – like running and playing in woods; it’s great fun and it also makes you smile.”

“I love being outdoors, I remember running in Norway when I was 19 or 20, training through their great pine forests. The fallen pine needles were really soft and were ideal for running on.

“Our environment is so important; we need to be saving as much of it as we can. We should be keeping the air purer and cleaner. Mind you we are so lucky in Wales, with the sea on one side and the mountains on the other – it’s perfect.”  Find out more at


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