My Week

6a01156fa075f4970c0133f2321991970bI have been at a bit of a low ebb this week.  What with one thing and another, the heat finally proved a bit much whilst working with heavy machinery midweek and was forced to take it easy for a day or two.  Not a natural ‘relaxer’, I respect (and almost envy) my animals as they enjoy their guilt-free snoozes and siestas and according to a German zoologist, honey bees aren’t as busy as people are led to believe either.  Professor Randolf Menzel, has studied bees for four decades and claims, “Bees are not particularly hardworking.  Instead they sleep a lot and are lazy.  They spend up to 80% of the night sleeping and even during the day they often fly to the nest where they rest their wings.”

I’m not convinced; my bees seem pretty busy, so maybe it’s all relative … I wonder just how busy Professor Menzel is?

My veg garden is bursting with goodies at the moment so I have also been busy in the kitchen. Cooking is confined to late evenings but the thrill of collecting, cooking and consuming home grown veggies soon lifts my spirits as well as my energy levels.

“It’s ok for you but I don’t have time for all that planting, picking and peeling nonsense,” moaned a Sex-in-the-City-style friend who does have time to go to a wine bar every night on the way home from work and time on the weekends to get preened, plucked and polished!

Like I said, “it’s all relative …”

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