The Secret of a Rose-y Royal Future

130709165816-02-will-and-kate-horizontal-large-galleryWith the Royal Wedding at the end of the week there has been an increase in sales of ‘royally named’ roses being purchased and planted as living souveniers of the event.

The DIY chain FOCUS launched their very own celebration rose called ‘Catherine’ to celebrate the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.   A repeat flowering variety with beautiful soft pink , scented blooms, it’s exclusive to FOCUS and a percentage of the sales are going to the Princess Diana Foundation Trust.

The Rose of the Year for 1987 was ‘Royal William’, with fabulous vibrant red blooms and although currently much in demand, is only available from a small number of nurseries.

Top rose breeder David Austin has also bred a gorgeous new raspberry-coloured rose, called ‘Kate’, which will be sold later exclusively as a cut flower rose.  And at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, he’ll introduce a shrub rose, ‘William and Catherine’, whose flowers open to a soft creamy apricot, which fades to cream and then pure white as the rose develops. The scent is reminiscent of myrrh.  This rose won’t be available to the public until later in the year.

Other ‘Royal Roses’ include the large-flowered climber, Royal Gold, with, as its name suggest, golden yellow blooms; and the miniature orangey-red flowered rose, Fire Princess as well as the always-popular pink-flowered floribunda ‘Queen Elizabeth’ and   the smaller pink patio rose, ‘Queen Mother’.

Also suitable for commemorating  the Royal Wedding, are the very vigorous rambler Wedding Day which is perfect for scrambling through old trees or over sheds and garages; the traditional hybrid T types ‘Congratulations’ or ‘Blessings’, with their fragrant pink blooms and Wedding Wishes with royal red flowers.

For the more cynical, choose from ‘High Hopes’, a climber with fragrant pink blooms or the floribunda rose, ‘Great Expectations’ with apricot-pink flowers which are also sweetly scented.

And for the conversation-starters choose either ‘Blue For You’, a floribunda rose with highly scented, fabulously unusual slate-blue blooms or another stunning floribunda rose that is referred to as ‘hand-painted’ as it boasts the most striking striped scarlet, orange and cream flowers and rather aptly called ‘Hanky Panky’!

Lynne Allbutt

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