Strictly fresh air and fishing for Natalie Lowe

Natalie-Lowe.JPG_effected-1018x755Strictly Come Dancing’s Natalie Lowe is fanatical about fitness and fresh air. Well known for her sequined dresses and strappy sandals, Natalie is equally at home in old clothes helping her Dad lay a patio or fishing with her brother.

Having grown up in Sydney, she explains, “I love being active and being active in the fresh air in particular. I’d love to change the mindset in the UK and get everyone outdoors but your weather is so different to Australia. I grew up in great rural area just an hour from the coast and we were always water ski-ing or rubber ducking. My father’s a motor mechanic and my brother is a marine mechanic so we all love messing about with boats and fishing. My brother’s not keen on all the blood and guts so I always have to get the fish off the hooks and gut them. I also know my way around a car engine pretty well and last year helped my father concrete and pave the yard.

I love getting amongst it all and being with family.

It is apparent that Natalie has huge regard and respect for her family as she speaks of them very fondly, “My parents have been an amazing support all my career. Mum used to drive me for two hours to rehearse and Dad did all the financial support. I try to go home once a year and they come over here once a year. They’re coming over for the Olympics, which will be great. I used to be deported after each show and then just had to wait to see if I’d be asked back. I have a two year visa now so at least I’m guaranteed to be in the next series of Strictly.”

“I don’t have a garden of my own at the moment so I love waltzing around Clapham Common and the Parks with friends, we have great picnics.”

Having just finished this year’s Strictly Come Dancing Tour, Natalie explains the importance of looking after her health. “When I’m on Strictly, I do 14 hour days for 5 months, it’s really full on. On tour we just go from Hotel to the bus to the venue back to the bus and back to Hotel; it’s exhausting. I take a lot of vitamins and fish oils and don’t eat white bread or drink soft drinks. I believe we are what we eat.”
Appearing at the Dancing with the Stars Weekend at Alton Towers this weekend, Natalie has also produced a Strictly Come Dancing fitness DVD with fellow dancers Ola Jordan and Artem Chigvintsev . “It is available as a Wii game as well which means I have my own Avatar,” she laughs, “it’s really funny seeing myself as a cartoon.”

“I’m definitely moving toward the fitness side and would love to teach dancing outdoors. I have just been offered my own fitness show which is really exciting. I also love giving beauty treatments and am always giving massages to the rest of the dancers. I like to give back and eventually would love to have my own Well Being Centre or Retreat. I believe if you want something enough, you’ll get it.”

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