Ria Jones On Stage and On Deck(ing)!

6a01156fa075f4970c014e87356411970dWell known Welsh performer Ria Jones not only designed her London terrace garden but also worked alongside her Dad to build it.

“One minute I’m on the Albert Hall stage, the next I’ve got my dungarees on and am building a deck in the garden,” she laughs, “I’ve been doing lots of jobs outside lately, painting walls, pruning and cleaning the deck.  I love being outdoors and have always loved gardening.  I think I get my green fingers from my family.  My Mum loves gardening and has got a big, beautiful wild garden in Swansea , my Grandmother was also a keen gardener, one of my Uncles was a Champion chrysanthemum grower and Dad has a lovely veg patch which he’s very proud of.”

The talented singer and actress admits to still getting nervous before going on stage and explains how her garden helps. “If I get stressed out about a show I just go out and potter a bit in the garden.  I’ve got 27 years worth of lyrics in my head and sometimes I worry about forgetting my words, going out into the garden and listening to the birds singing to calm my nerves.”

Ria, who’s West End performances include Cats, Chess, Les Miserable, Joseph and Evita to name a few also has numerous recordings under her belt and is excited to now be launching

her first very own album.   “Have You Met Miss Jones?” is a really personal album,” she explains, “I produced it myself and am really pleased with it; each song is very personal for me.  I will be performing at the Glee Club in Cardiff on the 15th May  for a relaxed evening of song with my live band.  It’s a lovely feeling to do your own show as you know people have come to see you, the Glee club is a lovely space too, it has a lovely feel.”

The green-fingered artiste is then off to Singapore for a couple of months before coming back to the UK for more concerts and then on to Denmark at the end of the year to make another album.

“I have been really lucky.  I’ve travelled the world and met some lovely people doing something that developed from a hobby at school.  At my careers’ interview I said I wanted to be an actress and the teacher had no clue, so I gave my second choice as a Welsh teacher,” she laughs, adding, “I was asked recently what would I do if I wasn’t a performer and I said I’d be a gardener.  One day I’ll move back to Wales and have a big garden with an orchard and a veg patch and have chickens and dogs and spend all my time in my dungarees enjoying the birdsong.”

Visit www.riajones.co.uk  to find out more about Ria.

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