Juicy Fruit – for free!

whinberries-plateI’m still harvesting loads of veggies from the veg garden, as Bill (Tidy) commented, it’s all working as a ‘currency’ as well as a form of recycling – I had a wonderful veg quiche returned to me from a neighbour who had been in receipt of the raw ingredients.

I have also turned Tippy walks into blackberrying missions and have a freezer full of the delicious, and free, fruit.   The irony is that the biggest, juiciest blackberries were picked from the bottom of the garden – and I think I’ve managed to convince Hubby that’s why I left them there.

I even picked a small bag of whinberries (whimberries) on the Sugar Loaf.  It brought back wonderful memories of similar expeditions with Nan.  She used to laugh as she reminded us not to pick the ‘sheep’s whinberries’ – they do look very alike!  A member of the blueberry family, whinberries are considered to be a Super food.  And the great thing is, not only are they good for you to eat but it does you good getting out in the fresh air to harvest them.

Blueberries are very happy to be grown in tubs and pots though remember they like very acidic conditions and will therefore need to be planted in ericaceous compost.  Adding a little composted bark or sawdust will keep the compost free draining but moisture retentive.

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