Hot Love for Hot Pants

Hot PantsI remember (and loved) Kelly Marie’s single Hot Love, and I nearly always find myself singing ‘Hot Pants’ to the same tune whenever I put my Hot Pants on.  The fact that I’m humming or singing at all when I put them on is a good sign in itself, indicating it’s hardly a chore!  I’m actually very fond of them and am now wearing them more and more without my jeans over the top!

Under jeans, in work, they have continued to be the warmest ever and have made some icy winter days bearable.  I used to ride a motorbike and it struck me just how useful they would be under leathers too.  I have even thought about asking the manufacturer’s to consider an all-in-one – though I have just read they are already working on producing a top, great news!

On warmer days and work-free days I have also been wearing them as leggings.  They are fab.  Occasionally they can ‘rustle’ a bit but as I’m normally alone in my endeavors, it’s hardly a problem.

So that’s the Gok Wan side covered but how about the drop-a-dress-size side of it?  The good review continues … despite having been eating more during the cold weather, I have definitely diminished a little!  My clothes are looser and my belt has gone up a couple of notches …. because I have lost 6lbs.  As I say, when I think about what I have eaten lately, it is a minor miracle. I’m definitely looking forward to warmer days where will continue to wear my Hot Pants but also eat less. The Hot Pants are a great concept, clever, comfortable and I can recommend them without hesitation; I have even found I know fellow Hot Pant devotees who had kept their ‘hot’ secret to themselves.  When something is this good, lets SHOUT about it; maybe Kelly Marie and Lulu could do a duet?

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