Green Thumbs Up for Joe’s Gloves

rubber glovesI seem to get through gardening gloves like some people get through kitchen roll – honestly, I have tried so many different types from the cheap and cheerful to the ridiculously expensive and miserable, miserable because they didn’t last long either.  As well as going through the ends of the fingers in a silly-short time (and being  gardener I can’t even blame long nails), my other trick is taking them off and putting them down to answer the phone and not being able to find them again.  Both of these challenges seem to have been resolved by Joe’s Gloves

The gloves are warm, comfy and my fingers have yet to escape.  The cheery colours also mean no more time wasted relocating abandoned gloves.  There are three types,  so you can choose from the Protective One, the Dexterous One and the Essential One, all brightly coloured and starting at £5.99 a pair or £10.00 for two pairs. Order on line or call 0115 7143533.

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