‘Avon Calling’ – Time on Midges, Mozzies and Ants!

6a01156fa075f4970c01538f9bbb83970bFor ages I have sung the praises of Avon’s ‘Skin So Soft’ body lotion to repel midges and mosquitoes.  The ‘secret’ was shared with me whilst living in the Caribbean and I was told the SAS use it and fishermen known about it for years as it is one of the most effective mosquito repellents.

But I have only just been told of another use for it – keeping ants out of the house.  Apparently if you smear a thin film of it along doorways, windowsills or wherever ants are entering the house they just won’t cross it.  I’ll be ordering an extra bottle next time!

And according to Folklore, “If the anthills are high in July, Winter will be snowy”

Lynne Allbutt – From the Archive.

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  1. Dear Lynn just back from a wet holiday in Ireland and found an article written by you in one of the cafe’s that we used to shelter in from the rain the article was about Bees which interested us as we have just taken on our first bee hive can you recommend any further reading to help us survive without being stung, the hive is a quiet one and so far has not been a problem but well informed means we can enjoy them more.
    Best wishes
    Linda Soden

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