Frosty Feet

6a01156fa075f4970c0148c7c9ab1a970cThe 5 best things about my unshodden journey so far:

  •  The fabulous, tingly, zingy, buzzy feeling I get in my bare feet (and even the rest of me, to a degree)
  • The feeling of wet moss between my bare toes
  • Feeling connected or ‘plugged in’ to something powerful and strong yet gentle.
  • Less sock-washing.
  • Meeting the Barefoot Doctor

And 5 worst things …

  • Just how cold my feet get

Um, er make that the worst thing then.

Since deciding to tread an unshodden path as often as possible (and safe) a few weeks ago, there really has only been one ‘worst thing’ and many, many more than 5 ‘best things’.

I’m still only taking ‘baby steps’  but so far I have been barefoot to two restaurants, two business meetings, numerous gym sessions and boxercise classes, walked along the local High St, been to a coffee shop, run barefoot on top of the mountain, driven barefoot, walked Yogi over the moors and padded shoe-loose and fancy free about the cottage.

And so far no one has even noticed!  Well, no one has said anything – apart from the people who know what I’m up to and expect me to turn up barefooted (or ‘bare faced’ as one guy Freudian Slipped!)  And just for the record that was a truly unremarkable business meeting in so many ways.

So that still means I have my first challenge or confrontation to go through.  A friend, (a reflexologist incidentally), is confident it won’t happen for some time as she thinks ‘people are too polite’.  “We’re British” she adds by way of an explanation.  Ironically, that’s the same reason I’m anticipating “you can’t come in here without shoes on” sometime soon.  I’m guessing it’ll be a Supermarket, though I am taking part in a phone-in Show for BBC Wales on Friday and I’m aware the first ‘Hard-Sole’ Award could be awarded there, which will be interesting to say the least.
Anyway I mustn’t dwell on it, what we focus on we will get more of, so I’ll continue to focus on more of all the wonderful, encouraging people that are supporting my unshodden journey.

And that leads me nicely to the rather lovely Barefoot Doctor,, whom I met up with earlier in the week.  His first observation was how cold my feet must be.  He knew.  It was the voice of experience, not enquiry.  He assured me that by March, it’ll be  a lot easier; and not just because of the organic rise in spring temperatures but because by then I will have been unshodden for three months and three months is that ‘magical transition time’; most new behaviours or belief patterns take 3 months to integrate and  become ‘natural’.  That’s something to look forward to then, because, believe me walking or running on cool, wet moss is mightily exhilarating but walking or running on crispy frozen moss is not, it’s just bloody painful. (see photo above) And even tarmac and pavements are so deathly cold at the moment.  And it’s a real penetrating cold that seeps through my bare soles, up through my ankles and even creeps up my legs. Ugh. Ow, ow, ow, cold, cold, cold.

Back to hot coffee and warm conversation, the Barefoot Doctor also shared the warnings he had been given by various Medical professionals about parasites, infections and other equally awful things that can ‘trip up’ the Barefooter.   We gave that conversation the absolute minimum amount of time that qualified us as ‘being sensible’ and then got quite excited about the whole ‘plugging in to a powerful energy’ concept.  His own experience was reassuring and he explained how much more effective healing is when the ‘healer’ is barefoot and utilising and harnessing the energy from the Earth or Source.  It is all about connection.

“You’re doing it; you’re actually doing it” he grinned, nodding toward my naked feet,  and not even attempting to hide his admiration as we left the Bistro and walked barefoot along the cold, wet slabs of the High Street.

I kept the fact that it actually felt as though I was walking on air, to myself.

Lynne Allbutt – from the archive.

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  1. Just confirming that Lynne did indeed turn up with bare feet in the Chinese restaurant in January but how lovely was that to give her Reflexology buddy a chance to Read her Feet!!!!!!

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