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6a01156fa075f4970c015391db2290970bDespite describing her gardening experience as ‘having only dabbled’, ITV Wales Tonight presenter, Andrea Benfield has already established a herb garden in the new house she shares with fiancé Lee Byrne.  “We now have a bit more garden than I’ve been used to.”

She explains, “it’s a nice size for socialising, we have a deck with potted plants and a patio next to the kitchen where I have planted herbs so, in theory at least,  I can just nip out and pick some when I’m cooking.  All I need to do now is learn to cook and I’ll be flying,” she adds good humouredly.

“As children, my sister and I had our own little patch of garden at the side of the house.  I remember growing herbs and flowers at a young age, with my little trowel.  And I do have a pink trowel that I use now,” she adds.  “I’m not really a girly girl but they are lots of nice gardening accessories like that and I think they’re fun.”

“I’m relying on friends for gardening advice quite a lot at the moment and will get some help until I can learn what to do myself.  We will do more with the garden at some stage but I must admit that those plans have slipped down my list a bit as Lee and I plan our winter wedding.”

Whilst maybe not concentrating on flowers outdoors, Andrea has been giving thought to her Wedding flowers, “I’ve not completely decided on the Wedding flowers yet.”  She says cautiously, “My favourites are orchids and lilies but for that wintery touch, I’ll probably include things like ivy and mistletoe.  I’m getting great advice from Emma at ‘Love Lily’ in Abergavenny  and  she’s keeping me sane.”

As an Ambassador for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Andrea is constantly promoting the benefits of being active outdoors and is also a keen runner herself.  “I enjoy running to keep fit and  I’m not keen on the gym.  My favourite run is around Cardiff Bay as there are great views and it’s nice to see people but as I move about a lot and spend a lot of time in London, I run wherever I can.  I’m training for the Cardiff Half Marathon at the moment which is on the 16th  October.”

Although they are both too busy to have pets of their own just yet, Andrea explains, “We are sort of  Uncle and Aunt to Lee’s parent’s Labradoodle, Harvey.  He’s huge, we’re surprised at how big he’s grown,” she laughs, “and he loves long walks; it’s really handy as we love taking him out but then we can hand him back afterwards.”  Find out more about Andrea and what she’s up to at


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