Anyone for Tennis with Tony Hawks?

6a01156fa075f4970c017616366cba970c2TV and radio comedian and best-selling author, Tony Hawks is currently enjoying watching Wimbledon and recalls how his love of the sport lead to his latest book and film, ‘Playing the Moldovans at Tennis.’

“In a nutshell, a friend bet me that I wasn’t a good enough player to be able to beat the entire Moldovan football team at tennis. It just went from there really. I wrote the book and am now touring to promote the film which is being screened throughout the UK. We are trying to arrange a screening in Swansea,” he adds, “though it’s not on the schedule yet.”

“Moldova is pretty organic,” he adds randomly, “most of their food is grown without pesticides.”

Tony admits to being ‘sold on green’, explaining, “ I don’t think we have much choice; we are in a limbo period where people are still trying to kid themselves that it’s all ok but we are in the awful position that the economy dies unless we keep doing things that kill the Planet. We are addicted to the lifestyles that are force fed to us through TV. I don’t have a TV.”

Renowned for accepting rather unusual bets, Tony explains, “I am genuinely intrigued to prove people wrong but I also have to know the challenge is possible. I’m not a complete risk taker I always make sure I can handle the worse-case scenario. I think that in general, we are led to be fearful and taught to be careful or we may end up with nothing or things that we regret. I suppose I gamble with my time but I have had some very interesting journeys which have been life enhancing.”

“My girlfriend and I are just about to move to a new house with a great garden and we are planning to start growing stuff. We are both beginners but have been researching growing our own veggies. In 50 years time, I think everyone will be growing their own food.”

Although a great fan of the outdoors and avid supporter of the World Land Trust,  an international conservation Charity, Tony admits, “I live in London because I need the stimulation that comes with a London lifestyle. I love the cultural side of the City. I don’t know how to do anything in the country but I do love it and find it very healing. We filmed part of ‘Around Ireland with a Fridge’ in Pembrokeshire and I loved that area. I suppose I’m a daft countryside hippy living in London really. If it all falls through I’ll probably end up living in rural Wales!”

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