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lynne_TiggyI have always ‘chatted with animals’, since a small child but as with many aspects of life, learnt that it was not really regarded as appropriate behaviour (or at least talking about it certainly wasn’t!).  Whilst riding a wave of bravery a few years ago, I re-ignited my passion by training with Amelia Kinkade, the renowned Animal Communicator and was thrilled and reassured by some great results (see testimonials below).

Despite helping many owners (and their pets) it has still taken me until now to ‘come out of the Animal Communication closet’!

I also work with essential oils (as a result of experiencing Caroline Ingraham’s fabulous work and guidance)  and am able to draw on my experiences with other passions such as dowsing and Flow (Native American Healing). Thankfully my ability to make a connection and gain the trust of an animal far exceeds my ability to explain how it all works and I have virtually stopped trying. Belief and trust are far more important than explanations and persuasion.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you think I may be able to help you and your pet.


Jivatma was our beloved friend and companion for 16 years. On April 12th 2010 she died at home with us and it was the hardest, saddest thing we have over gone through. And when it was done, the screaming question was had we honoured her life by allowing her to die naturally at home?

And here we would say – irrespective of what you may think about a human’s ability to psychically communicate with animals, Lynne’s answer to this question was a gift. It was so in keeping with Jivatma as we knew and loved and lived with her that the comfort was unimaginable.

The healing from such a loss takes much longer of course. But that said when it was time to bring new cat spirit into our lives we turned to Lynne again and with her input have not one, but two beautiful kittens – Zorro and Xena with whom we wish to share many years of love and happiness.” – Ali and Trish   Pic of Jivatma and Zorro and Xena

“I started asking Lynne to speak to my animals a couple of years ago and have been amazed by the results ever since. Purdy, the princess cat, told Lynne “just because Sian doesn’t like fish doesn’t mean I don’t!” which was so true and of course Lynne had no idea about my dislike of fish. Purdy also told Lynne about someone that had made me cry and no-one knew about that. Recently Morgan, the Lab/Collie cross, hurt her leg and was holding the whole leg off the floor. Before she was X-rayed she was telling Lynne that it was her paw that was hurt – the Xray showed she’d fractured a bone at the top of her paw. Lots more have been accurately predicted by Lynne with my lot and I completely believe in the amazing connection she has with animals. Even not meeting the animal Lynne can get an idea about their character and any help they may need.  I’d thoroughly recommend Lynne’s animal connections to everyone.” – Sian Phillips

“I was first put in touch with Lynne Allbutt a few months ago when I was having problems with my cat. Jake was getting into a lot of fights and getting quite serious injuries. Also our trips to the vet with him were very stressful. I asked Lynne to communicate with him to try and find out what was causing all the fights and how I could help him. She was able to establish exactly what was going on when Jake was out of the house, and came up with great suggestions to ease the situation.

Lynne was also able to communicate with Jake about a major vet visit recently, and thanks to her intervention, it went a lot better than any visit had gone in years. Before dropping him into the vet, I told Jake he had to be my brave little soldier, something I mentioned to no-one .. that evening, Lynne mailed me saying that he was fine and wanted me to know he was being mummy’s brave little soldier!

I had the pleasure of meeting Lynne recently and she gave me great advice along with some essential oils for Jake which he loves and really relax him.

Lynne has an amazing gift and I cannot thank her enough for her help in understanding Jake better.” – Melanie Schregardus



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