When ‘Resistance’ is a Good Thing!

6a01156fa075f4970c015393db19d5970bThe morning before the London premier of his novel-turned-film, Resistance, screenwriter and poet Owen Sheers chilled out by visiting Columbia Road Market. “I was looking for a way to relax and thought it would be great to go and buy some bulbs and plants.  I’ve only got a big balcony here in London but I still spent all afternoon planting up containers with bulbs and plants.”

The Welsh premier of Resistance was screened in Abergavenny, the town where it was shot, recently with Prince Charles amongst the guests.  Owen grew up in the countryside just outside of the town and admits, “When I first came to London, I really missed having a garden and outdoor space, so  I used to volunteer for the National Trust.  I just missed the link with the soil so used to help out at Fenton House at Hampstead Heath.  Although I was the volunteer, I felt I was the one that was benefitting from it. I learnt a lot too, though my father will laugh when he reads this as I’m still asking him loads of gardening questions. My plan is to have an orchard and a nice big garden in the next year or two and I’ll probably come back to Abergavenny, or nearby.

I love being outdoors.  I enjoy walking and running in the Parks; I run a lot, more for my head and my mind than my body.” He adds, “I try to get out of London at least once a month for a weekend and always head for the Brecon Beacons or the Black Mountains.  I miss the family’s Border Collie who passed away recently and because I’m used to having dogs that can just run for miles in the countryside, it doesn’t seem right to pen one up in London.  It’s another part of my plan,” he reminds me, “in the next years or so, I’ll have a dog, a garden and an orchard.

The  award winning author, who has also turned his hand to acting and TV presenting,  is also making other plans.  “I have just started a new project working with wounded soldiers.  I’m writing about both the wounding and their recovery but the great thing is that the soldiers I am working with will also be the cast.  I love doing all the research and the writing at once.

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