The Cute Carrot Excavator

lynne_TiggyDuring this wonderful weather, everyone wants my job.  Well, I don’t think it’s the work they want, just the opportunity to be outdoors.   Nobody’s quite so keen in the winter!

As predicted earlier in the season, my water butts have been a God Send, making the most of the odd downpour we’ve had and the effort involved in putting leaky pipe through the veg beds has definitely paid off.   I have learnt the hard way though not to use a sharp pronged fork for weeding.  After having to repair two punctures I will only be hand-pulling weeds from now on.

I have also been filling gaps in the veg beds to keep up the continuation of produce.  Buying  young plants from Garden Centre’s is an easy way to do this at this time of year and I’ve planted some new young cauliflowers to replace those damaged by the birds.  It’s not ideal but it works.

I’ve also sown more carrots as the last row were evidently prematurely harvested by Yogi, the terrier-ist. Sowing carrots later in the season means that you are less likely to have problems with the carrot fly though not necessarily energetic and enthusiastic Westie pups!


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