Talking A & E (Authenticity and Entertainment) with The Bleedin Noses

6a01156fa075f4970c01630587cd72970dI wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I arranged to meet up with one of the members of popular Welsh band The Bleedin Noses.

Rhythm guitarist and singer Paul Julian laughed, “Don’t be scared off by the name, we are a real peace-loving Band. The name came about after I heard it in the lyrics of a track called the Devil’s Haircut and I just thought if I am ever in a band, that’s the name I want.”

Paul continues to describe their music as Country Folk, Hill Billyish, maybe even Punk-try (Punk and Country).  “It really needs to be heard and seen live so you can feel the awesome energy.  We get all ages coming to the gigs, granddads even bring their grandchildren.  Everyone loves a banjo, it just makes you smile. Lyrics are really important to us too. We have just released a 13 track album called The Bleedin Noses and have deliberately kept the cover plain white and the title simple as we want it to be all about the music and the words, not photos and clever titles.”

“All the guys in the band, Ollie, Kevin, Darren, Pegr and Lenny are quite spiritual and have a real appreciation of the natural world. All our stuff is home recorded at my home in Blackwood and we’ve got a great garden which we shoot the videos in. My wife Tegan spends all her time in the garden. It’s beautiful. I’m re-laying 200m of original flagstones at the moment. I do the building work but I tend nothing. Tegan does all that; she is always finding a new patch that needs attention or changing. We’d love to keep bees and maybe even a goat one day. We’ve just started growing our own veg. I think it’s the way that we are all supposed to go now, back to Nature, being organic and authentic. That’s why I think the time is right for our music. We’ve all played in different bands and came together in the Bleedin Noses about 3 years ago. We all get on really well, have a positive attitude and just love what we do.”

And that positive attitude is obviously paying off. “Last year we played the main stage at the Green Man Festival with the Fleet Foxes and Noah and the Whale and we played after Stevie Wonder at Glastonbury. It was amazing to be amongst these awesome people. We were just soaking it up.”
The popular Band has a busy time ahead, as Paul explains, “On the 1st of June we are Headlining at Party in the Park in Bath, on the 2nd we headline The Grinning Idiots Biker’s Bash at Risca; then on the 3rd we play at the Chilli Fest at Bath Racecourse and on the same day we hot foot it up to the Cotswolds for the Hullaballoo Festival and come back on the 4th for the International Cider Festival near Caerphilly. Later on we’re at the Brecon Fringe Festival. We love playing in Wales as everyone gets us and our music, it’s a Celt thing.”

And in his lovely down-to-earth Welsh way, Paul concludes, “It’s brilliant that so many people are loving our music and we will always stay humble about it. The last track on our album is ‘Always Take the Under Step’, which is what we really believe. Never try to outdo others; just enjoy what you do.”

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