Spotted Flycatcher Fledglings

6a01156fa075f4970c0133f2238028970b-800wiThanks to Doris, my knowledgeable nature-loving neighbour, I learnt my chirpy resident fledglings are in fact spotted flycatchers (and thankfully, as my brother swiftly pointed out, not bee catchers!)

I learn so much from the likes of Doris, Paul and Jan at Primrose Farm and Alan my bee mentor – I really value being amongst people that not only have acquired this sort of fabulous knowledge and experience but who are so willing and glad to share it.  I feel like a sponge soaking it all up!

My veg patch currently reminds me of a motorway – in the middle lane, cruising along happily are the peas and broad beans and potatoes,  in the fast lane is the spinach that bolted early, oriental radishes that went to seed as soon as I turned my back and courgettes that are becoming marrows in the blink of an eye;  and then ambling along in the slow lane are the runner beans which are being affectionately referred to as ‘walking beans’ this year.  And of course the cauli’s are still on the hard shoulder waiting for the recovery vehicle!

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