Personali-trees: Discover what your favourite tree, flower or shrub reveals about your personality


61mnY+XwkiL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Whether you are a keen gardener or not, you will almost certainly have a favourite plant, tree or shrub.

During thirty years of gardening Lynne noticed that people’s choices of preferred plants often reflects various aspects of their own personalities. Just choose your favourite tree, shrub or flower and Personali-trees will offer a tongue-in-cheek insight to your personality based on your choice.

A great light-hearted conversational book that will surprise you by its accuracy.


Peter Gabriel, (Wildflowers): “Very insightful; a sense of nature and a sense of humour is powerful.”

Piers Morgan, (Gladioli): “Mostly accurate and what isn’t, is actually rather ironic. You are definitely on to something!”

Francis Rossi, (Laurels – Evergreens): “I do love my Laurels but had no idea they revealed so much about me. It’s pretty cool.”

Terry Walton,  BBC Radio 2’s Gardener (Vegetables): “How can you work all that out then?  That’s pretty good, very observant. You are definitely in tune with the plants.”

Russell Grant, Astrologer (Primrose): “Spot on Darling.  Hilarious.”

Alex Jones,  ‘The One Show’ (Tulips): “Uncanny. My dad will love this, he’s the real gardener.”

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