Marathon Matt Shares his Spinach Secret

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6a01156fa075f4970c01310f700e01970cThe popular presenter of ITV’s The Wales Show, Matt Johnson readily admits to being a fair-weather gardener.  “I enjoy spending time in the garden in summer with a big glass of wine.  My gardening experience is slim and I’m unlucky at the moment to be living in an apartment with just a balcony and a couple of pots but I do like the idea of having a nice garden one day.  A rustic, natural looking one,” he adds, “Not one that takes a lot of looking after and looks well groomed like my grandparents garden.  They spend so much time looking after theirs, their lawn looks like the Millenium Stadium with the stripes, there are roses around the edge and they’ve got cute little bird baths.  It looks lovely but it’s not for me, it’s too much like hard work,” he laughs.

“My granddad, ‘Foxy’, used to let me cut the grass to earn a bit of extra cash but I was always really nervous of messing it up and if I’d gone on the lawn in my football boots I’d have been thrown into next doors garden.”

The likeable TV presenter continues, “I’d love to grow and cook my own veg like my grandparents though, we used to eat organically all the time, a long time before it was the cool thing to do.  I made Cawl last week and cooking up the veg reminded me of them and wanting to grow my own.  It seems a ridiculous aim at the moment because I’m so busy,” he admits.  “It’ll probably be when I retire.”

“I like seeing the daffodils out now,” Matt continues.  “They look great and are uplifting and their cheap to buy.  I don’t like flowers like lilies, the pollen gets on your clothes, and they seem fussy and on their high horse; daffodils are more like working men’s flowers, no nonsense and do the job.”

Still in financial mode, he adds, “I also resent paying £1.75 for 6 tomatoes, which is another reason I want to grow my own veg.”

When I suggest he grow his own on the balcony he agrees,  “Maybe I will this year, I like the idea of doing that.  I like fruit and veg and I try to eat healthily,” he confesses, “I love spinach and put it in everything; Popeye is my inspiration.”  He laughs, adding, “I can remember my Great grandparents drinking the juice they cooked the spinach in, it’s brilliant, really good for you.”

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