Jonathan Cainer Predicts a ‘Cosmic’ 2012!

6a01156fa075f4970c0162ff48cf1d970dAstrologer Jonathan Cainer confesses that although he is not really a very outdoorsy person, he does have a strong appreciation of Nature.  “I do very little in the way of gardening at my home in Yorkshire because I’m surrounded by beautiful countryside but the balcony of my London flat is heaving with flowers because the scenery’s not so good.  I also like Human Nature and people but as an astrologer, my main affinity with Nature is the movement of planets.  It’s often a forgotten part of Nature as people put their attention elsewhere.  The reason that astrology is so powerful is that the planets follow predictable paths; there is an undeniable pattern to the movement of planets, like hands on a complicated cosmic clock.  This cosmic calendar and clock system enables us to tell what kind of time the world is having or going to have.”

Jonathan’s website is said to be the 5th busiest site in the UK as people visit for daily guidance from the popular and intuitive astrologer.  “I believe everyone is gifted with psychic or intuitive ability,” he explains, “ it’s just not encouraged or developed as it could be.  Artists, musicians and other creatives seem to have more confidence in their intuitive ability and I would love to see a more enlightened world where we encouraged young people to explore and trust their intuition.”

Referring to the New Year, he continues, “I have never come across a year with so much bad press.  I have even written an e-book called ‘The Survivor’s Guide to 2012’ where I gathered all the prophecies of doom and gloom, lined them up and shot them down one by one.  People have always had theories about the end of the world being nigh and this year people are obsessed with the end of the Mayan Calendar on the 21st December and a rogue planet, Nibiru.  We have nothing to worry about, that sort of negativity just stunts spiritual growth and expectations.

“I’m excited about 2012; the unusual thing on the cosmic clock this year is that on June 6th at sunrise, we will be able to see Venus in front of the sun as a black dot.  Known as Transit of Venus, it only happens twice in a century.  It happened in 2004 when a lot of people noticed a shift in consciousness and a sort of awakening but the second one has far more impact. Venus is the traditional planet of love, prosperity, creativity and popularity and the implication of Venus revealing itself indicates that we are all about to make great discoveries about ourselves this year. Individually we’ll discover hidden talents and secret gifts and how to best use them and collectively we’ll discover new gifts and ways of being. The current gloom and economic concern will give way to excitement and we will discover new forms of wealth and spiritual awareness.
“There have been great events, like Gold Rushes, and discoveries associated with the Transit of Venus.  Captain Cook was looking for a good spot to see Venus in front of the sun and he ended up discovering Australia!
“The good news is that all the zodiac signs will benefit from this planetary aspect just in different ways.”

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