It Has Germinated!

The seeds for Wildflower were sown two years ago in the guise of my autobiography, Barefoot and Before, and now a section of the book is to be made into a feature film.

When we sow plant seeds their development remains hidden all the time they are beneath the soil, and we simply have to trust that one day they will break through the soil surface and grow successfully into the very thing we desire.

It has been the same for this project.

I prepared the soil and sowed the seeds by writing Barefoot and Before; then the hard work of writing the screenplay took place behind the scenes, or beneath the soil, and now the hard work and preparation has come to pass in its germination – or the screenplay becoming public, real, tangible and visible, just like an emerging seedling.

The timing is great. Spring. A season full of hope and promise, enthusiasm and excitement.

So, now that Wildflower is ‘above ground’, I will be sharing its development with you. It will need TLC and nurturing. I hope there won’t be too much of a problem with pests of any kind, and of course like all tall, impressive plants, it will need supporting.

And that’s where these lovely people have come in (details very shortly). Generous and magnanimous in their praise of the project, their support helps to ensure that Wildflower continues to put on healthy growth and will bloom in all its glory.

“Like Wildflower(s), you must allow yourself to grow and flourish in all the places people never expect you to.”

Click here to see the growing list of celebrity endorsements for the Wildflower film.

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