How Craig Rowe’s Garden Grows

6a01156fa075f4970c0134808ce055970cQVC’s popular presenter Craig Rowe hasn’t let his childhood memories spoil his love of gardening.

“I remember helping my Dad do the weeding and cut the grass and as it was so long ago, he just had one of those push mowers that left the grass on the ground.  I had to pick it all up and put it into black bags; I can remember being covered in grass, getting hay fever and my eyes would be streaming,” he recalls humorously, “But instead of putting me off gardening, an outdoor space has always been really important to me wherever I’ve lived.  I’ve only ever muddled along in my various gardens but since working at QVC I have been inspired by some of the gardening products and have got more into growing things.  I am just about to change my own garden,” he confides.  “I am a lazy gardener and not keen on maintaining things.  About 6 years ago the garden was all overgrown and a friend helped me clear it out and dig it over and we planted things and had lovely Grecian pots.  It looked amazing for about 2 weeks and then I realised I would have to maintain it, so a couple of years ago we re-did it, putting down an L-shaped decked area and some gravel which was a bit easier.  I always forget about the garden completely in winter and at this time of year think, ‘Oh no, I’d better do something outside’.  This time I am going to deck it all so I can use it for sunbathing and entertaining and then will just have pots for plants and veg which should be really easy to look after.   I have already got a Monkey Puzzle tree in a pot; I call it Mazie because they are amazing trees.”

“I grew tomatoes and strawberries last year but the tomatoes died and the birds nicked the strawberries before I could pick them but this year I’m more determined and I’ll be putting my strawberries closer to the house to beat the birds.” he laughs.  “I’ve got a great apple tree at the bottom of the garden which will stay, as I have a lovely crop of apples each year and I’d like a fragrant climber like a jasmine, growing over the fence.  I haven’t got a lot of time to maintain it all and even watering can be a chore sometimes,” he confesses a little nervously “but I do love a nice garden; I enjoy sitting outdoors and appreciating my very own little bit of the Planet.”

You can follow Craig’s gardening project and other endeavours by visiting and clicking on Presenter’s Blogs

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