Holy Moley, More about Moles & Baa-rilliant

Taken from Lynne’s weekly column ‘Green Scene’ for the Western Mail. 17th November 2018
Holy Moley

I think I have found an ideal present (Christmas or otherwise) for the gardener who has everything.  Although most gardeners don’t actually want a mole, just look at this little fella (see pic) – who would not want him?  And he won’t make a mess of the lawn either. He is needle-felted from wool and was commissioned from the fabulous Emma Bevan, of FfolkyFfelt , who lives and creates in the Brecon Beacons.

I get so many emails and questions from people with regard to ‘mole control’, and who are so angry about the mess they make, that I thought it would be a good idea to have something to diffuse the frustration a little.  So meet Holy; Holy Moley makes a great gift for anyone who is mad about a mole!

As well as her creative flair, Emma also has a lovely connection with nature, which results in her being able to produce the most beautiful little felt creatures (see pic of one of her robins too).  With a strong regard for the environment, she only uses native fleece when making her creatures and kits, to maintain a personal connection with her resources and suppliers.

She uses the ‘waste’ fleece from Welsh company Baavet as the core wool for her creations, as it is perfect for 3D animals, and means that she is recycling fleece and using Welsh products.

Emma offers gift vouchers for workshops or gifts, and kits for those keen to try their hand at the very relaxing, and rewarding, art of needle-felting!

If you’d like to contact Emma you can do so via www.ffolkyffelt.com

More about Moles

Autumn is a time of increased mole activity, as they prepare for winter by fortifying their homes for the cold weather and collecting the necessary food supplies.

Did you know?

  1. It is a common myth that moles are blind; they’re not. Their eyes are very small and limited in terms of distinguishing colours and visual detail, but they can detect the difference between light and dark. Their noses make up for the limited vision they possess.
  2. A mole’s diet typically consists of earthworms, beetles, and other insects. During the autumn months, they capture and store hundreds of earthworms in an underground larder to provide enough food for the winter. A mole will bite off the front end of the worm to prevent it from escaping, allowing the remainder to remain alive until consumed.
  3. Although it is commonly thought that moles are solitary creatures living in individual tunnel systems, that is not always the case.  Some moles have been found living in the same tunnel system – they’re obviously the ‘life and moles’ of the party!
  4. Female moles usually produce two litters annually consisting of as many as 3 to 6 babies. Births happen between March and May, with each litter having a gestation cycle of just 30 days.
  5. There are several Welsh words for mole including, twrch, twrch daear, gwadd and Mol.

I bought my Baavet pure wool duvet and pillows about five or six years ago and am still very much in love with them.

The Baavet story is a great one, with Roger and Lesley wanting to diversify to be able to support their rural farm in north Wales.  They have gone from strength to strength as people are switching on to the huge benefits of a natural duvet, and now offer other ‘woolly good’ products too, including pet beds.

Wool is the finest fibre on the planet to sleep under as it’s anti bacterial, anti dust mite and it wicks away moisture.  It is excellent for asthma and eczema sufferers and for any one with overheating problems in bed. I can highly recommend it for women going through the menopause!

Do have a look at their website for the full story, all the benefits and my favourite – their Baa-gain Box, where duvets are reduced due to a minor fault in them.  I couldn’t tell what the flaw was in mine, and friends say the same. Amazingly, Baavet state, “We don’t like waste so we would rather offer a bargain deal. All items listed in the bargain box have specific minor faults. All items carry our no quibbles cash back guarantee (no really… yes really!)”

They also say, “We are that confident in our products, we are the only company that will guarantee you your money back if it doesn’t give you the best nights sleep ever.”

How can ‘ewe’ not try one?  More at www.baavet.co.uk

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