Healthy Dogs = Happy Dogs

There is no shortage of advice about the importance of a good healthy diet and I am unashamedly quite obsessive about eating well, for healthy and energy.

One of the reasons often cited for longevity and continued good health into old age is, not surprisingly, growing your own veg. Not only does it promote a healthy diet but the exercise and fresh air involved is highly beneficial too.

And that’s something else I am passionate (and slightly obsessive) about.

So it made sense to move my good intentions and beliefs about healthy food onto Yogi, my terrier-ist. Although she is a Westie, which is a breed notorious for skin problems, thankfully she is fit and healthy in all respects. So, when I chose to introduce her to a raw food diet, it was as a preventative measure rather than a curative one. And it just made sense somehow.

Thankfully the staff at Raw to Go, in Market Street are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful – there is far more to transitioning to raw food and the type or variety than you might think. But don’t let that put you off, just take advice and don’t be tempted to allow your own food preferences to interfere with what they recommend for your dog (or cat), it won’t work well!

Yogi has now been a Raw Food Dog for three weeks and the change is quite astounding and well beyond my expectations. A few things were immediately noticeable – she ate her new food slowly and deliberately, instead of wolfing it down. She needed less of it. She actually left food in her bowl.

But the most impressive change of all has been her behaviour. She has always been affectionately known for her rather boisterous and belligerent behaviour and endearingly described as ‘spirited’. But after just a week on the raw food she became noticeably calmer, better mannered and just less anxious – and, consequently, less anxiety inducing!

I can only put it down to the additives and ‘e’ numbers that were in her other food, even though it was a ‘healthy’ brand. I find it quite shocking that food has such an adverse effect on an animal, but then why wouldn’t it? Anyway, suffice to say, I highly recommend Raw to Go – even if it’s just to explore the possibility of changing your dog’s diet. A healthy dog is a happy dog!

And of course I add veggies to the minced meat – ‘growing your own’ is not only good for hu-mans but for man’s best friend too.



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