Hats Off to Alex Jones on The One Show

6a01156fa075f4970c0134863c9612970cIt’ll be great to watch Welsh girl Alex Jones takes her place on The One Show tonight.   I found her natural interest in people and  friendly manner endearing and ‘reassuring’ as I got to know her through the various Charity work we have done together.

We are always the quickest to change back into jeans after glamorous photo shoots to promote Charity events. (See photo, Alex front left, me far right in black and white).  When she was presenting a series called ‘Hip neu Skip’ (Hip or Skip) a sort of Changing Rooms programme for kids, she said, “It’s bliss going to work in jeans, isn’t it?”

Referring to my suntanned arms, she once asked, “what make fake is that then?”  She has continued to be impressed by the fact it’s natural and I have continued to tell the story.

Alex also enjoys being outdoors, “I love being out.  I remember walking up Snowdon and I had new boots on.  It was so painful; I had to peel them off at the end.  I still enjoyed it though.  I love living in town but I get out to the country to walk as often as I can.  It’s so good for you. I worked a lot in North Wales and it’s beautiful in the summer, I love the scenery there.”

Whilst she enjoys the fresh air, gardening is not a great love of Alex’s.  “I had a small garden that I used to call a courtyard garden but Dad, Alun, called it a path!  I had room for a table and there was an area that I lovingly refered to as ‘the forest’, which consisted of a pear tree, another tree (but I don’t know what it is) and a few tulips. The pear tree was lovely but when we ate outside late in the summer the pears dropped on your head!”

“Dads good; he always helps me out (he cleaned the car for Alex to drive to London for tonight’s One Show) and  when he was helping me in the garden once,  he said something about a plant and mumbled, ‘broom.’  So  I went to get the brush – I didn’t realise ‘broom’ was the name of the plant,” she giggles, adding, “I put three stone-shaped solar lights in the garden too. They didn’t give much light but they looked pretty.”

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