From Cityboy to Country Boy; Geraint Anderson Spills the Beans

Having made a U-turn from City Boy to Country Boy, author and former stockbroker, Geraint Anderson, loves his new lifestyle.

The author of the controversial book and column, Cityboy, moved to a little cottage in the Brecon Beacons about a year ago where he has been writing books, running along the canal bank and mowing the lawn.

Geraint, who has described himself as ‘a religious, left wing hippy who fell into the City and did well’, explains, “My Dad was MP for Swansea and I spent a large portion of life there as a kid; my wife, Emma, was brought up in Wales, so it made sense to come back for an easier way of life. I go and collect wood to have a real fire every night, we grow herbs and flowers. We have a hammock, a dog, a caravan on the West coast of Ireland and are just forgetting the rat race. It’s much more sensible.”

The sharp, quick witted author has no regrets about lifting the lid on the City’s shenanigans. “I had been writing the Cityboy column anonymously for a while for a London paper, focusing on the salacious and dubious sides of banking. I raised concerns and exposed semi criminal activities and the degeneration of the City. Anything goes. I enjoyed talking about it and wanted to reveal it all to the general public, they had a right to know. There has been a slight concept of I broken the code of silence and bitten the hand that feeds me but it was the right thing to do. The book came out in June 2008, the same time that Sterns and Lehman’s were falling and my concerns were proven to be valid.”

Geraint’s latest novel, Payback Time is out on June 21st. It’s sort of ‘revenge on banks’, which I think is also timely.” Adds the popular guest speaker.

“My main ambition is to not wake up on my 50th birthday thinking ‘oh well, that was an average life’. I want to learn to surf, write good popular books and as Albert Camus said, “do as little harm as possible.”

Find out more about Geraint at or pop into Amazon.

“I was absolutely hooked on Payback Time and read it in just two sittings – the reason God gave us rain is so that gardeners can indulge in such fabulous reading and the timing was great – I can’t think of any other reason I would have been so welcoming of rain in June!” – Lynne. 

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